5 crystals to raise your vibration during the February Full Moon in Virgo

The February Full Moon, also called The Snow Moon, brings you the energy of healing, change, inner growth, potential and an invitation to go with the flow. A time for reflection, observation but also positive change and letting go of what no longer serves you, this Full Moon shines a magical light on your life path.

Whether you were looking for answers to burning questions on how to resolve a situation, how to develop a project or you need to make a choice and you’re not sure what is best for you, the energies of this moon are extremely beneficial to help you see your situation with clarity, acceptance and be ready to embrace the change that is needed.

February Full Moon meaning

This Full Moon is a little different from the typical Full Moon energy. It brings the potential of change and transformation, but also the confirmation that you have to chase your dreams, invoke your creative power and be ready for new beginnings. Full Moons are normally a time of letting-go, but this Virgo Full Moon invites you to accept your inner power, connect with your gifts and resources and regain your freedom if you feel in any way trapped in a situation that is no longer beneficial to you. Although it is not a time for action, it can be a time of intense emotional life that brings to the surface aspects that you can no longer ignore.

What are your emotions telling you?

Your emotions can be very intense these days, especially during the time right before the Full Moon. Try to stay away from making a decision just yet. Be rather the observer of your feelings and thoughts, keep a journal and write down how you’re feeling these days and why. Try and find ways to soothe yourself if you’re feeling overemotional. Get yourself moving, walk in nature, meditate, pray, read an interesting book, watch a film, play an instrument, make art, or meditate with your cards.

The best crystals to help you during the February Full Moon


is a wonderful crystal to help you embrace and deal with change and transformation. If you find yourself in the front of a necessary change, whatever that means for you, meditate with Malachite and ask for the best way to support yourself during this time. Malachite brings you not only strength but also inspiration, courage and deep healing so you can access and embrace your unique gifts and resources to generate meaningful change for the benefit of all.


is a strong psychic crystal that helps you protect your energy during this time and also to open your Third Eye so you can receive divine guidance and messages. It enhances your intuitive abilities, sharpens your sensitivity and you’ll become a clear channel for psychic information. Wear a labradorite crystal with you and pay attention to the physical sensations as well as your thoughts and emotions during this time. Write down any dreams, visions and inner knowings you are receiving.

Clear Quartz

is the ultimate manifestation crystal, the mother of all crystals, a powerful energy amplifier AND, as the name suggests: a clarity crystal. If you need to connect to your crystal clear intuition and listen to the divine messages that are channelled to you, meditate or wear a clear quartz to help you at the time of Full Moon.

Moss agate

is a beautiful, unique crystal that carries within it a piece of natural moss held in the inner crystalline structure. Moss agate is a Nature miniature that facilitates healing, especially if you are a Nature lover or feel drawn to green spaces, forests or mountains. Meditate or wear a moss agate crystal during the Full Moon if you are in need of healing OR you need to awaken the healer within yourself. If you are a healer, energy worker, creative, or helper of any kind ( coach, healthcare professional, psychologist, therapist) moss agate will help you access your gifts, qualities and abilities so you can help even more people and make a bigger impact.

Rose Quartz

the ultimate self-love crystal brings you soothing energy at the time of Full Moon and it helps you take care of yourself at this time of intense emotions and changes. If you know or feel it’s time to recharge your energy, to do something you enjoy, or to simply do nothing, rose quartz is your crystal friend. Rose quartz also helps you to be gentle on yourself and other people but also helps you to protect your Heart energy and set healthy boundaries on how much you should give to other people. If you struggle to say NO or you’re giving too much, and you feel people may take advantage of you, programme a rose quartz crystal to help you love yourself more, be able to say no, and raise healthy loving boundaries when needed.

My favourite crystal for the February Full Moon

Now I’ll give you my favourite crystal choice this month and this of course applies to my own particular situation, and it has to do with my personal life and not to my professional life. To give you a little context, I mentioned that I moved into a new place and I put a lot of effort into making the new place nice, tidy and organised so that I and my partner can both enjoy it.

However, as I was so enthusiastic about the new place and felt really inspired and energised by this change, I was left to do most part of the work by myself and I felt that my partner hasn’t got involved much in this process. Although I enjoyed doing everything by myself, I ended up exhausted, frustrated and burned-out. As a bonus, I’ve got a brand new back-pain as a way of my Root chakra telling me that my physical boundaries need adjustments.

Now it’s time to recover my energy, take some time off to focus on myself and raise some new boundaries when it comes to how much I am willing to contribute in terms of housework versus how much I receive. That being said, my chosen crystal for this Full Moon is rose quartz, which I intend to work with to help me balance the energy I give and what I am receiving, so that my work is not taken for granted and also I won’t end-up again in energy deficit. I have a feeling that this takes a more serious healing process which I am going to address during the following phases of the Moon, especially during the Balsamic Moon.

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Moon blessings,

Amelia x