Crystals and Energy Protection course

Date : TBC 11 June 2022

Course fee: £45, includes a crystal at your choice

If you ever felt overwhelmed dealing with the negativity of other people, toxic work environment, crowded commute or negative news, you know deep inside that you need to protect yourself. 

Learn how to create a protective energy shield for yourself, how to protect your energy at work from the negativity of other people, how to preserve your energy while commuting, space clearing and much more.

It is easy these days to pick on external negativity. Even if you woke up quite positive in the morning, you might be familiar with that sense of tiredness and feeling drained of energy as soon as you started to walk into the street, jumped into the tube, spent a couple of hours at work or you had an unpleasant conversation with a family member. 

To protect our energy is an essential self-care habit which has an immediate effect on our day to day wellbeing and levels of energy. 

In this workshop you’ll learn all you need to know to protect your energy in everyday circumstances, from the moment you’re waking up, commute, interact with people at work, socialise or spend time with friends and family. 

In this experiential workshop you’ll learn: 

– which crystals are best for energy protection

– how to choose the right crystal for your own circumstances

– how to properly use crystals for protection – working with intention

– meditation for protection

– how to clear yourself and your space, including your workplace from external negativity

Course date, bookings, location

Date TBC

Course fee: £45, includes a crystal at your choice