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How crystals transformed my life

I never told this whole story to anyone to be honest, but I felt it was finally the time to share it with you, so you’ll understand better how crystals can appear in life at the less expected moments and trigger changes you never dreamed about.

This article is part of the series: How I became a crystal healer/crystal healing practitioner in London and it represents my personal crystal healing journey.

My experience with crystal attunement

I believe that when we are ready, crystals appear in our lives in a way or another. Sometimes we may receive a crystal as a gift or discover that suddenly we start to think about them and read more about their meaning. Sometimes they may come to us in the most unexpected ways, such as a red necklace whispering from the bottom drawer: take me.

When I started to make crystal jewellery, I spent a couple of hours every evening giving them a new purpose by crafting them in bracelets and earrings. This has truly transformed the way I learned about crystals: through direct connection and everyday use.

This connection went beyond the rational. It was not lead from the mind or from reading a book, but from my own senses that awakened to crystals in a completely new way. The more I worked with crystals, the more they talked to me. Through handcrafting and wearing jewellery, I naturally became attuned to crystal energy.

The shock of the truth & my life transformation

Soon many things started to change in my life. Actually, my whole life turned completely in only a couple of years.

The first thing I noticed was that I changed the way I presented myself to the world. I was no longer defined by my day-job, and I discovered for the first time in my life, that I now found my purpose: to make people happy with healing crystals.

Along with purpose, I started to actually get to know myself better and to learn who I really am, beyond society’s limitations and all that other people wanted me to be.

Before discovering crystals I never questioned my life. I learned to get along with whatever I was thrown into and accept it, with no trust in myself and no hope for something better, but crystals taught me that anything is possible, even when you lost your hope…

Here’s what happened to me in the next few years of working with crystals

1. I discovered that I am a creative being, and I didn’t even need specialised studies for that.

2. I started writing – initially on my crystal blog then I opened a second blog focused on wellbeing and my healthy lifestyle journey.

3. I met a bunch of new wonderful people, I made new connections, I discovered a whole new world outside my day-job

4. I started to speak my truth – I stopped being silent and obedient at work, I became courageous to stand my ground, point essential aspects that I didn’t agree with the way the company was working.

5. I had the courage to leave my day-job without a back-up plan when I learned that it was no ground for me to really make a positive impact in a toxic organisation

6. I started to take care of myself: to meditate, to eat healthy and exercise

7. I saw the truth about my marriage that was nowhere near what I thought it was.

How I started to write about crystal healing and became a crystal blogger

When I started to make crystal jewellery, blogging was in full glory. Seeing that my necklaces, bracelets and earrings had some success in real life through my colleagues and friends, I thought that more people would like them if I’d make them known to the world. The easiest way to do that was to open a blog, take nice photos, and post them on the web. This sounded like an exciting new project that gave me a sense of purpose, something to nurture, to grow and to love.

I opened the blog, took a few pictures and … there I was, presenting my work to the world!

For every new piece of jewellery, I created a new blog post. The blog posts were simple: a picture, a short description of the jewellery, sometimes I’d write how I was inspired to make it, and, most importantly: the crystal meanings

To write about crystal meanings, I started to research over the internet in a quest to find interesting information that I could give to my readers and … potential clients.

Can you really find the meaning of crystals in a book or over the internet?

As an avid researcher, I am not the type who’s easily happy with superficial information when I dive into a subject that interests me. This is what happened with my newly found passion for crystals. And for a freshly awakened crystal lover in 2008, to find information about crystals became a mission on its own. The internet wasn’t as abundant as it is today with crystal meaning articles, meditations and how to’s. I had to work hard to find every piece of information I could, to put all the bits together and eventually write a decent article.

Crystal books were even harder to find. I remember my regular trips to bookshops at weekend, if only I could find one crystal book to help me dive deeper into learning about these fabulous treasures of the Earth. I don’t know about other countries, whether it was much published about crystal healing around that time, but to find a crystal book in Romania’s 2008 was nearly impossible.

Luckily, a local publisher made a good to the country and published the Crystal Bible written by Judy Hall. I didn’t know who Judy Hall was, but I was so happy to finally get a crystal book of my own! This book became my treasured source of knowledge and inspiration, and it opened my curiosity and passion for crystals even more.

Although I bought many other crystal books throughout the years, to be honest with you, Judy Hall’s Crystal Bible book remains to this day my well trusted and respected source of information when it comes to crystals. I feel that everything that was published after this book, presents the same information, over and over again packed in a different way or from a different point of view.

If there’s one thing that really stuck with me reading Judy’s books, is that she acknowledges that the information she wrote about crystals comes from her use of crystals over the years through INTUITIVE use.

This actually confirmed to me that no crystal book can really tell you the truth about crystals, and the only person who can accurately know what a crystal does, is the person who uses it.

I’ll leave you here with these conclusions for the moment, and I’ll be back with Part 3 …

Until next time,

Crystal blessings

Amelia x