Crystal Cleansing – The complete guide

Crystal cleansing is a very important procedure when you buy, hold, and wear crystals or crystal jewellery. 

We like to see crystal cleansing as a metaphor: 

Just as you’re taking regular showers to keep your body clean, by cleansing your crystals you keep them clean, clear ready to work with you. 

What means crystal cleansing

Cleansing as in crystal cleansing is energetical cleansing. 

Although some methods include water, cleansing a crystal doesn’t have the purpose to remove physical impurities. 

Crystal cleansing means removing, discarding, dissipating of the energy that the crystal stored either in contact with other people or while you used it or wore it. 

Basically while you wear or use a crystal, or in contact to other people, or while it sits on a display, a crystal absorbs the unwanted energy and prevents it to reach you.

To restore the crystal to its original energy and remove anything unwanted, we cleanse it.

Through various methods we’ll be explaining in detail, the unwanted energy will be discarded and the crystal will return to its original clear state.

When you should cleanse crystals?

You should cleanse your crystals according to: 

  • you just get a new crystal,
  • wear it as a jewellery 
  • stays stored and unused, 
  • is placed in the environment
  • the crystal is used for healing

Why cleansing crystals is important

Crystals hold strong energy due to their particular structure. They are energised by the Earth they are coming from, and vibrate simultaneously with the whole crystalline structure. 

However, crystals do come in contact with different people, places and energies in their way to you. Also while you’re using them they absorb a lot of energy from the environment. 

Cleansing has the purpose to remove all external energies that doesn’t belong to your crystals and restore their original energy.

When to cleanse crystals

For crystal stones, geodes, clusters, point and crystals that are not part of a jewellery: 

  • When you buy a new crystal or before using it
  • Before and after each use
  • Once a month – even if you have crystals in your collection that you don’t use, they still need to be cleansed to remove any stagnant energy.
  • After someone else touched them
  • Every time you feel it’s needed.

For crystal jewellery

  • cleanse your jewellery first time you get them
  • at night after you wore them for the whole day
  • once a month

How to cleanse your crystals and jewellery

There are a couple of methods to cleanse crystals and jewellery, however not all methods are equally safe. 

Crystal cleansing methods suitable for jewellery

  • visualisation
  • incense
  • brown rice
  • sound cleansing
  • moonlight

Safe ways to cleanse your crystals

  • visualisation
  • incense
  • sound
  • moonlight
  • fresh water – to avoid with certain crystals such as selenite
  • sunlight – to avoid with photo-sensitive crystals such as amethyst
  • visualisation
  • soil – use with caution

Now let’s dive into each one: 

Crystal Cleansing Methods


Sage stick burning is a safe way to cleanse crystals using smoke from sage (smudging). 

A herb originally used by Native Americans for spiritual and energy cleansing in spaces and during ceremonies Sage is generally considered to remove negative energies and promote healing. 

To do that you need a small sage bundle ideally held on a large shell or glass plate for safety. To direct the smoke you can use a feather. 

How to cleanse crystals with sage

Place your crystal on a stable surface such as your table, altar or by the window. 

Lighten the sage and first smudge yourself first for grounding. Then, gently direct the smoke towards the crystal for about 1 minute. During this time focus on the crystal and imagine the crystal being cleansed and returned to its original energy. 

When you finishes, open your windows and let fresh enter your space.

Palo Santo

Use the smoke from Palo Santo to cleanse crystals.

Original from Peru and other countries from South America, Palo Santo is used for centuries for its healing and spiritual properties. It is considered to bring in calm and harmony and remove negative energies from spaces, people and animals. 

You can safely use Salo Santo, also called holy wood to cleanse crystals.

Use a similar ritual to the one I mentioned in cleansing with sage. Palo Santo lightens slowly and stills quickly, so you need to lighten it using a candle and keep the candle on hand. Always use with caution. 

Smudge yourself first then direct the smoke towards the crystal which you placed on a stable hard surface. Let the smoke flow for about 1 minute. When you finished open the windows. 

How to cleanse crystals with incense

A similar method to Sage and Palo Santo, incense is another way to cleanse crystals. Generally anything that generates a sacred smoke is good. 

Incense smoke from Frankincence and Sandalwood is a powerful cleanser.

First you need to choose your incense. If you already have incense at home, use the one you have or your favourite one. 

If you need to buy incense, the best options are: Sandalwood and Frankincense which both are made from sacred plants recognised for spiritual cleansing and healing.

Sandalwood has a stronger, woody smell when Frankincence is sweeter. Choose what you like between the two. 

Then lighten your incense stick and make a circle or infinity sign in front of you with it. Then walk through the smoke to cleanse yourself. Be careful to not inhale the smoke directly as it’s not safe. 

After you cleansed yourself hold your crystal in your left hand about 8 inches above the incense stick and leave the smoke flow through the crystal. Imagine how all unwanted energy leaves the crystal. 

Keep the crystal over the smoke for about 1 minute, then open the windows to allow the smoke to go out and let fresh air in.

How to cleanse crystals with water

Sea water

If you live by the Sea using sea water is a beautiful way to directly cleanse your crystal with unaltered untreated water. You need to be careful when using this method because sea water contains of course salt. Salt is corrosive and may affect the shine of your amethyst, however, it is safe to use for short time for example just 1-3 minutes.

The safe way to cleanse amethyst with sea water is to collect the water in a small bottle then pour it over your crystal. Alternatively you can submerge the crystal into a small bowl with sea water. Do not leave it longer than the recommended time.

If you are a Sea lover you can collect water from the sea to cleanse crystals.

Spring water

Best used pouring a small quantity of water in a bowl just enough to cover your crystal. 

You may use glass bottled spring water, or water from a spring you visited. 

Alternatively, river water makes also a good choice if you live by the river and can get some water safely. Be cautious with river water and choose a clean source. 

You may keep your crystal in a bowl for about 1 hour, but if you feel it needs longer cleansing up to 4 hours is safe.

Rain water

Although rain water is not always clean as it can catch pollutants, you may be attracted to this method because you can easily collect it especially in the UK, where we know it rains a lot more than in other places.

To stay on the safe side you can use rain water and avoid direct contact with your crystal. 

Because water cleanses energetically, you can place the crystal in a tiny bowl which you can then submerge in a larger bowl with rain water. 

The duration for this method can be around 4 hours to overnight. 

Soil or compost

Crystals can restore their energy in the Earth. Burry your crystal about 1-2 cm deep in the soil and leave it for a few hours.

This method is very powerful because it works with the Earth energy. 

Crystals come from Earth and using soil or compost to cleanse it goes deep. 

To use this method you can either burry your crystal 1 – 2 cm deep in the garden in a place that you know it’s quite protected from heavy rain. 

Leave it there anywhere from a couple of hours to overnight or even for a few days. 

Soil provides a very deep energetical cleansing and should be used only when your crystal accumulated loads of energy especially for protection. 

Alternatively you can use a small compost pot if you don’t have a garden. You need to dispose the compost after use. 

Brown rice

Place your crystal inside a bowl with brown rice and leaver for a couple of hours or days. 

Very simple and effective, brown rice is handy and many people normally have it in the kitchen. 

Brown rice absorbs excess of energy and provides an energetic bed for crystals to rest in. 

To use this method simply put brown rice in a bowl then place your crystal inside the bowl, making sure the rice fully covers it. 

Leave it there either overnight or for a couple of days. Dispose after use. 

Singing bowl

A great method and fully safe for any crystal. 

Of course you need a small singing bowl for this, which you can easily get in most of the spiritual shops. 

You can use singing bowls to cleanse one or more crystals at once, because this is vibrational cleansing. 

Place your crystals on a stable surface then play your singing bowl around your crystals for a couple of minutes. Visualise the energy clearing up in the air. Open the window when you finished. 

Caution: never place crystals inside the singing bowl. The intense vibration that accumulates in the bowl can break them.

Chimes or Chinese bells

Similar with using the singing bowl, chimes or Chinese bells can be used safely to cleanse crystals. Simply play them around your crystal, jewellery or geode for a couple of minutes and you’re done. 


This is a quick, easy and fully safe method. Place your crystal or crystals on a stable surface. Rattle around yourself first to clear-up your own energy. 

When you feel ready rattle around your crystals for a couple of minutes. You’ll feel intuitively when your crystal is cleansed. 

Tuning forks 

As the previous sound clearing methods you can use tuning forks to play around crystals. Be careful not to touch it as vibrations can break it. 

Best tuning forks to use for cleansing crystals are OM tuned at 136.1 Hz.

OM frequency is said to match the frequency of the Earth, which for a crystal is very familiar.

The crystal will quickly align with the Earth frequency and eliminate any energy that doesn’t belong. 

Your own voice

Probably you wouldn’t think you can use your own voice to cleanse amethyst unless you are a sound healer. But it works very well and you don’t even need to buy anything for this. 

This method is ideal for all types of amethyst including jewellery as well as large pieces of geode or churches. 

And what can it be more beautiful that singing to your crystal as an ultimate sign of appreciation and care!

You can sing intuitively for a couple of minutes whatever comes to you.

OM mantra

Another powerful way to cleanse crystals is to sing OM mantra for a couple of minutes or longer. Normally your intuition will tell you when to stop. 

You don’t need to visualise anything with this method because it’s so powerful.

Full Moon

As safe and effective as sound, and no less powerful, moonlight is a method that works well for many people especially the modern witches and pagans. 

The human connection with the Moon dates back since the beginning of humanity. People loved, revered and worshiped the Moon in spiritual rituals across the world. It affects physically the Earth through magnetism inducing the tides. And more, it influences the way people feel as around the full moon intense emotions can come-up. 

To cleanse crystals with Moonlight you need to wait for a Full Moon night. Simply place your crystals by the window and leave them there the whole night. You don’t need to do anything else. 

If you wonder if Full Moon can still cleanse your crystals if it’s raining or it’s cloudy, then yes it can. Because the Moon magnetism is so strong at this time, The Full Moon will cleanse your crystals on any weather. 


Another safe method to use with crystals, is your own power of the mind. 

Hold it between your palms, ideally in prayer position and imagine a white bright light pouring from the sky into your amethyst until it touches the core of your crystal. 

Visualise the crystal lightening up and spreading this white light from the inside. 

Stay with it for 5-10 minutes and this is pretty much it. 


You probably know that salt is a crystal. More than a crystal salt has been used in spiritual practices for centuries to remove negative energy. So salt is a powerful energy cleanser. 

You can use rock salt to match the energy of the Earth, or sea salt to mirror the water energy energy.

Pour some salt in a small bowl just enough to cover your crystal and bury the crystal in the bowl. You can leave it there for about 5 minutes to a couple of hours depending on how much cleansing your crystal needs. 

Energy and Reiki

Energy is effective to cleanse any crystal if you are a healer

If you are a healer you can use your favourite method of channelling energy to cleanse your amethyst. Either is Reiki, angelic energy or cosmic vibrations, light or any other type, use with confidence what you already know and master. 

Many people ask how to use Reiki to cleans crystals. The easiest way is to project all the healing symbols into your amethyst that will basically remove anything that your crystal has stored and is unwanted. 


Many people know that selenite is a wondeful crystal for cleansing. It also cleanses itself. Although I do believe that selenite still needs cleansing, its potent energy removal qualities are no doubt. 

To use selenite for cleansing crystals you should normally use a larger piece of selenite than the crystal you’re cleansing.

A selenite bowl or tower will successfully cleanse an amethyst thumbled-stone, jewellery or smaller cluster. 

Normally leave your crystal or jewellery near a selenite for a couple of hours if you’re short of time, to overnight for a deep restore. 

Your own breath

The human body is made to heal.

Just as you can use your own voice to cleanse crystals, you can also use your breath. 

If you especially connect with the air element, or you like breathing exercises, this is the perfect method for you. And you don’t even need to buy anything for this. 

If you’re left handed, hold the crystal in your right hand. It’s important to use your less active, the non-dominant hand as a s symbol of receptivity. 

Still your mind and take a couple of deep breaths in and our. 

When you’re ready take a nice deep breath in and gently and slowly blow over your crystal. 

Visualise that every unwanted energies leave and the crystal starts to shine from the inside. 

Repeat 3 times. 

Cautions when cleansing crystals

Although you have many ways to cleanse crystals, you should be careful with: 

Methods that involve fire: incense, Palo Santo and Sage. Always use fire with caution and be aware of the fire hazard. If you don’t feel safe to use fire do not use it. Should be reserved to adults only. 

Smoke/smudging: some people are allergic to smoke. You should completely avoid incense, Palo Santo and Sage methods if you know you are allergic to smoke. Even if you are not allergic, repeated use may cause sensitivity. Always open windows after using smoke 

Sunlight and artificial bright light – can make some crystal colours fade. We purposely didn’t mention this method of cleansing because it can take off the beautiful dark colours of your stone. 

Water – care is recommended when you collect your own water from streams and rivers. Avoid hazardous places and stick to what is safe. Also, water is a limited resource on Earth and you should use it mindfully. Tap water is great, but do not waste it. If you have many crystals to cleanse at once then use the bowl method or other options. 

Methods that involve fire: incense, Palo Santo and Sage. Always use fire with caution and be aware of the fire hazard. If you don’t feel safe to use fire do not use it. Should be reserved to adults only. 

What crystals can go in water? 

Water safe crystals – that can be cleansed in water are listed below: 

  • amethyst
  • rose quartz
  • clear quartz
  • agate
  • aquamarine
  • citrine
  • garnet
  • jade
  • amber
  • lapis-lazuli
  • malachite
  • opal
  • peridot

Crystals that are not safe to be cleansed in water are: 

  • selenite
  • black tourmaline
  • celestite
  • calcite
  • rhodonite
  • rhodochrosite
  • gypsum
  • black tourmaline
  • malachite
  • angelite,
  • fluorite
  • kyanite