Crystal Healing – the complete beginner guide

How to use crystals for beginners

A free beginner’s guide for authentic crystal connection

Hello Beautiful Soul, 

I am so grateful for your choice to embark in this beautiful crystal journey with me. 

I created this guide to help you through the first steps of working with crystals and developing a personal and authentic connection with crystals.

Enjoy !

What is crystal healing

Crystal healing is a modern complementary therapy and spiritual practice based on ancient knowledge that uses the crystal energy as a tool for self discovery, personal growth, trauma releasing and removing blockages in your life.

It is an energy healing modality that enhances well being and supports you to move through life with more flow and joy.

Is crystal healing a science? 

No, crystal healing is not backed by science. If someone tells you otherwise they are trying to mislead you.

Crystal healing as well as sound healing, shamanic healing and any other healing modality compliments traditional medicine and supports the body at an energetic level. 

Crystals work mainly through the power of intent.

Of course crystals are beautiful.

Of course they have different meanings, of course they come from the Earth, but ultimately, if we you do not believe and surrender to their healing power you can’t get much from them. 

How to work with crystals as a beginner

You can use crystals for personal practice in different ways, but always go for whatever works and resonates with you. 

Look at these options: 

  • You can carry crystals with you 
  • Meditate with crystals
  • Perform self-healing sessions on yourself placing crystals on your body
  • In jewellery
  • As crystal oracle decks or to enhance a reading

How to choose your healing crystals

Choosing your crystals can be difficult as they are all so beautiful and attractive and it’s hard to resist to not buy them all.

I’ll give a piece of advice here as I went through many phases of buying crystals. I lived the impulsive buying phase when I used to purchase of a number of crystals at once, but in time I changed my approach completely and I now buy rarely and just one crystal at the time.

Buy crystals that you like and speak to you, give you a magnetic warm feeling and you can’t take your eyes from them.

The size doesn’t matter – you might be tempted to get a large beautiful expensive crystal but in terms of efficiency small crystals are as effective. 

Learn to distinguish between intuition and impulsive shopping and cultivate awareness – this is a piece of advice available for any shopping experience. 

Normally when you go crystal shopping is good to have a clear intention. Sometimes you may want to get a crystal but you end up buying a completely different one. This is ok and it is a sign that you need the crystal you bought more than the one you initially wanted. 

The next step after you bought a new crystal is to cleanse it. Always. 

When and how to cleanse crystals

  • When you first get them 
  • Before and after each use 
  • Once a month
  • After someone else touched them 
  • Every time you feel your crystals (or you) went through some heavy energies 

Crystal Cleansing methods

There are many crystal cleansing methods out there, I’m going to list below the most used and well known.

Fresh water – hold your crystal under running fresh water and visualise how all external energies are removed physically by the water. You can do this using tap water at your sink or you are closer to the sea or any water stream you can use that too. 

Be careful when using this method with crystals that have a Moss scale hardness less than 6 such as: celestite, calcite, selenite, rhodonite, rhodochrosite, gypsum, tourmaline, malachite, azurite, angelite, fluorite, magnesite, black tourmaline, kyanite to name a few. 

Normally hard crystals like amethyst, citrine, clear quartz, aquamarine, ruby  are safe to be water cleansed. I normally recommend caution using this method and if you are not sure about it, rather don’t use it. 

Earth / soil – one of the most powerful cleansing methods when you feel your crystals really need a deep cleanse. You can use the soil in your garden if you have any safe and dry space or a plant pot. I recommend keeping the crystals in the soil between 3 to 7 days. Avoid this method on water sensitive crystals as if the soil is wet the crystal can be affected.

Smudging – Use the smoke from sage, palo-santo, incense sticks to cleanse your crystals. Pretty safe method for all type of crystals and very effective. Always handle fire and incence with care and respect the fire safety rules in the place you use smoke. 

Brown rice – Fill a bowl with uncooked brown rice and put the crystals in it. Leave overnight and then discard the brown rice as it collects the energies removed from the crystal. Simple, safe and effective. 

Sound cleansing – use a singing bowl, chinese bells, a tuning fork or a rattle to cleanse crystals with sound. Very effective, simple and safe method, perfect if you prefer a smoke free method. 

If you use a singing bowl, never place the crystals inside the singing bowl.

Moonlight  – use the moonlight for cleansing crystals on the night before, during and the night after the Full Moon. This method is ideal for your monthly crystal cleansing. Just leave the crystals by the window facing the Moon and the crystals will be cleansed during the night. If you have the opportunity to leave the crystals safe somewhere outside is even better, however this is not mandatory. 

Sunlight – leave in the bright sunlight for a quick deep cleanse. Extremely effective and safe for most crystals. Do not leave crystals in sunlight for too long though as some can fade in colour. But for 5 to 15 minutes a quick and easy cleanse is perfect. This method is best to use on orange, red and yellow crystals. To avoid especially on amethyst. 

White light

Hold the crystal in between your palms and visualise white bright light over your crystal, set an intention for cleansing during visualisation. Very safe, effective and perfect if you don’t have anything else on hand.

Cleansing sprays – a more modern cleansing method especially these days we are restricted to use smoke in our homes. Just find a cleansing palo-santo or sage spray and spray onto your crystal a fine layer. You can then dry with a cotton cloth. To avoid using on crystals that are sensitive to water. 

Crystal attunement

After you cleansed your freshly bought crystal you need to attune to crystal energy. What does that mean?

To attune to crystal energy means simply to find out what a crystal can do for you at that particular time.
This means you’re getting to know your healing crystal intimately, and you really make a new crystal friend.

To attune to crystals is best to experience this in a live crystal healing for beginners course as you can fully experience and immerse yourself into the crystal energy. This is a beautiful experience, that it will transform the way you work with crystals in a very positive way.

Setting Intentions with Crystals

To begin working more intensively with your crystals you need to program them. Not all crystals will need to be programmed, rather those you feel they can really support you in a more intensive way. 

You’d normally know when you purchased a crystal if you had a strong intention beyond your purchase or you bought a crystal just for fun.

How to set an intention in your crystal: 

Your crystal is now programmed. Any time you hold your crystal or you have it in your pocket with you or simply think about it, it will make your intention stronger and offer you the support you need. You don’t have to have the crystal with you but simply recall it in your minds’ eye in order to work for you. 

How to use crystals for self healing

  • Once your crystal is programmed you can simply carry it with you to remind you of your intention
  • You can meditate with it keeping the intention in mind
  • You can journal with it and ask for intuitive guidance to support you in your issue. 
  • You can also place it on your body on the chakra that corresponds to your healing intention. Keep it there for 5 to 10 minutes and sit still. That’s it!

And from here, I hope you’ll enjoy your crystal practice and bring the beauty, the magic and the joy of crystals into your life. 

I very much appreciate you reading this mini-course to the end and I hope you’ll take the learnings into your day to day practice. 

Many Blessings, 


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