The Blissful Art Healing School was born to bring you the knowledge and confidence you need to work with crystals for personal healing and to heal others.
I know it is overwhelming as a beginner to make a sense of all information about crystals available out there. I feel you, I was there many years ago when I started my journey with crystals. The biggest take from working with crystals at a personal and professional level is that crystals communicate to us and vibrate to our own specific energy. There is no one-size-fits-all rule in understanding crystals, but, as with any other energy healing modality, what you need to develop truly in this work is your INTUITION.

In my courses you’ll understand how to connect with your intuition, you’ll understand energy anatomy of the human body and how to best match the crystals for specififc issues that you wish to address to balance the mind, support the body and uplift the spirit.

Through practical exercises, meditations and direct experience you’ll develop your intuition and discover your own hidden healing abilities.

By attending The Blissful Art classes you’ll learn effective techniques, tools and SECRETS that will empower and inspire you to build your own unique healing practice.

Courses available in person in London – are currently suspended until further notice due to current lockdown.