Crystal Healing and Chakra Practitioner Online Diploma

Course start date: TBC

Duration: 12 weeks

ONLINE – live

The full fee for this course is £475.

Deposit £75

Start your journey as a crystal healer with this step-by-step course where I teach you to become a dedicated, crystal and chakra healing practitioner. Along with helping other people, this is an absolutely wonderful journey for your own personal development and healing.

Crystal Healing Diploma Course – Here is what you’ll learn

The course is structured into 7 parts:

Part 1: Crystal Healing Fundamentals

  • what is crystal healing + a brief history
  • how crystal healing works + benefits
  • choosing crystals
  • crystal cleansing: how, when, why
  • how to take care of your crystals
  • how to work with crystals
  • crystal attunement
  • crystal programming/intention
  • meditation with crystals

Part 2: The 7 Chakras – a journey through the human energy system to balance the mind, restore the body and heal the soul

The Root Chakra meaning and how to balance it – safety, stability, grounding and protection, including the relationship between Root Chakra and mental wellbeing and how it relates to depression, anxiety, fear, and lack of energy

The Sacral Chakra and balancing – creativity, joy, playfulness, relationships

The Solar Plexus Chakra and balancing the solar plexus chakra – manifestation, abundance, bringing dreams into reality, money

The Heart Chakra and balancing the heart chakra – love, gratitude, compassion, kindness, helping others, self-care

The Throat Chakra and balancing the throat chakra – communication, speaking, listening, authenticity, self-expression

The Third Eye and balancing the third eye chakra with crystals – clarity, intuition, decision making

The Crown Chakra and balancing the crown chakra with crystals – spirituality, trust in the divine force, connection to the higher power

We cover: what chakras are, what are they responsible for, chakra auto-analysis, chakra self-healing, chakra meditation: a meditation for each chakra + full chakra balancing meditation

We spend one week on each chakra. This chapter is essential and stays at the foundation of your work as a crystal energy healer. During this module, you’ll have the opportunity to practice crystal healing on yourself.

Part 3 : Energy and client healing work

  • aura/chakra scanning techniques
  • chakra balancing 
  • aura cleansing 
  • your healing kit
  • how to conduct a healing session for your client: in person and as distant healing so you can help people with online sessions.
  • how to connect with your intuition and practice intuitively
  • how to keep client records

Part 4: Client Communication

  • counselling and coaching skills for energy healing
  • professional conduct, confidentiality and ethics

Part 5: Self care

  • how to protect your own energy as a energy healer
  • personal boundaries with clients and also friends and family members
  • personal preparation, cleansing and protection before, during and after a healing session
  • how many clients you should see per day/week/month

Part 6: Your healing space

  • how to setup your healing space for in-person and distant healing
  • must-have elements in your healing space

Part 7: Building a successful healing practice

  • regulations, insurance, setting-up as self-employed (applies to the UK only). If you are from outside the UK, kindly check whether there are specific regulations for healers in the area you live in. I am only familiar with UK regulations.
  • advertising regulations in complementary therapies – UK
  • clarify your services, your prices and the clients you want to serve
  • your energy healing business plan
  • how to promote your business – your marketing plan

Please note that I approach healing from an emotional and personal empowerment perspective. I believe that by balancing emotions, the way we live and the choices we make to promote wellbeing, the physical body benefits greatly. However we do not address physical or medical issues in this course, but we’ll touch briefly on the physical organs that are associated with each chakra.

Crystal Healing Course – Practitioner Diploma – what to expect

  • weekly lessons with unlimited access, 1 lesson every week + homework for you to complete.
  • email support where I’ll respond personally to any questions you have and support you in your learning
  • + 3 private online calls with me: 1 meeting every month to ask me anything directly and receive guidance and feedback ( these are short 20 minutes calls to check-in how you’re getting along with your study and if you need additional help)
  • You’ll have to complete written assignments at the end of every chapter to demonstrate your understanding of the course content completed your homework and you’re serious about this journey. For your last assignment, you’ll need to complete 3 healing case studies that you may perform on friends and family. Successful completion of all assignments is mandatory for your graduation in order to receive your certificate.

After successful completion of the course and assignments, you’ll receive your course certificate as Crystal Healing Practitioner. This certificate will allow you to get insurance and practice professionally.

How long it takes you to complete this crystal healing course

This course is designed to be completed in 3 months, one lesson every week. You should expect to dedicate a couple of hours every week, although I am aware that everyone has different learning styles and the amount of time needed for study varies from a person to person.

You’ll have to attend your weekly lessons online, and also complete your homework every week.

How the course will be delivered

Online – live video calls +written notes + homework for you to complete

Email support is available between lessons so you can ask me anything related to the course content, exercises and your own practice.

Is this crystal healing course certificate accredited?

YES. This course is accredited by The Complementary Medical Association (The CMA).

The Blissful Art has been recognised as a centre of excellence and registered training provider with The CMA and this demonstrates my commitment to the highest standards in crystal healing training and my dedication to supporting you. The CMA is the world’s largest and most highly respected professional membership association, established for over 25 years in the UK.

When you can start the course ?

You’ll get access to your first lesson within 2 working days from your registration.


The full fee for this course is £475.

Deposit £75