Stress Relief Workshop with Crystals, Aromatherapy and Healing Sound – 16th May, 3:30pm

ONLINE - LIVE workshop via Zoom 2 hours


Learn simple yet effective stress-relief techniques with healing crystals, natural aromatherapy, drumming, and song. This is a completely immersive experience to soothe the mind and nourish your soul and leave you equipped with valuable tools and techniques to manage stress and anxiety effectively and in a way that suits you.

If you ever tried meditation and this didn’t really worked-out for you this is a workshop to attend to explore way more techniques to incorporate in your daily life in a way that is simple and authentic to your style.

What to expect
– Learn the most supportive crystals for relieving stress and what crystals are to be avoided in intense moments
– learn how to genuinely connect with crystals and use them to relieve stress
– crystal meditation for stress relief
– best essential oils for calm and bliss ( and no, it’s not just lavender )
– how to use healing sound to calm the mind and soothe your soul.