Crystal Healing Beginner Course London

2022 course dates:

28 May 2022, 3 hour course, 12:30pm – 3:30pm

9 July 2022, 3 hour course, 12:30pm – 3:30pm

Course fee: £45, includes a crystal at your choice

Location: near Angel station in London, 2A Prebend Street, Islington, London N1 8PT in a quiet tranquil space belonging to a holistic healing centre

Crystal healing can help you resolve many modern life challenges through simple techniques.
This is a beginner course which will give all tools, information and tips to confidently start using crystals for yourself in your day to day life. 

How crystal healing can help you

If you want to invite more balance and a sense of feeling good in your own body and mind. If you’re looking for emotional healing. Or perhaps you need to feel more grounded and present in your life. Or you’re looking for a sense of flow…

Crystals have been used from ancient times for their healing properties in many cultures around the world. Nowadays the power of crystals is well recognised in popular culture as a way to enhance well-being, healing and personal development.

This course is for you if you want to find out more about how you can use crystals in your daily life and be confident in using crystals for yourself. You’ll understand the core practices that make crystals work, and you’ll know how to choose the right crystal to help yourself when you need.

Crystal Healing Beginner Course London – What you’ll learn and experience

– you’ll receive as a gift a 7 chakra crystals set for yourself to keep, work with it and learn with it
– learn the properties of the crystals included in the 7 chakra set and how to use them to balance your energy for well-being
– learn about chakras and why is important to balance your chakras for your physical and emotional well-being
-Learn to connect with your crystals and choose the crystals which are right for you 
– learn to cleanse and program your crystals
– learn how to meditate with crystals and invite them to work with you for whatever you need support with.

The workshop is designed for complete beginners and it will take through practical steps to confidently connect to crystals and use them for yourself in your daily life. 

What to expect during the crystal healing beginner course:

  • Receive a crystal at your choice, to connect, work with and keep for yourself
  • Learn how to work with chakras and balance your chakras with crystals
  • Connect and meditate with your crystals
  • A relaxing and insightful experience
  • Meet like-minded people 

About your crystal healing teacher

The workshop will be guided by Amelia who is a qualified Crystal therapist, Reiki practitioner, intuitive coach and teacher. Amelia was very sensitive to crystals for very long time, and she connected deeply with their energy using them for healing others and also in her day to day practice and development.