Crystal Healing Courses

Never read a crystal book again

Crystal Healing Courses that I currently teach

Crystal Healing Courses London 2022

Crystal healing for beginners – 28 May 2022 & 9 July 2022

Crystals for energy protection – 11 June 2022

Crystal healing practitioner certificate – 25-26 June 2022

Crystal Healing Courses Online 2022

Moon rituals and crystals for manifestation – 20 May 2022

Crystals & Chakra Practitioner Course – 21 September 2022

Other dates may be added from October onwards only, so if you’d like to join a course, please know that the dates listed above are the only available until Autumn time.

About Crystal Healing Courses at The Blissful Art

The Blissful Art exists to teach you everything crystals, and how to use them for healing and wellbeing in day to day life as well as to help your clients.

I know it is overwhelming as a beginner to make a sense of all information about crystals available out there.

These days are tons of books about crystal properties, meditation, grids and crystal prescriptions, and perhaps you have some of these at home too.

It has taken me years of study and experience with crystals to gather all the information I know now. 

On top of that, my own shamanic practice gave me a deeper understanding and a new perspective on working with crystals that is more profound and insightful than ever.

I see crystals as power objects that can help you in many more ways than the mainstream information will ever tell.

How to make crystals work for you

First, the two concepts you really need to develop are INTENTION and INTUITION.

If you add on top of that a consistent healing practice for yourself and trust your guides, you have all it takes to benefit from the beautiful energy of crystals.

Let me tell you a secret:

Crystals communicate to you and vibrate to your own specific energy.

There is no one-size-fits-all rule in understanding crystals, and definitely no book will teach you how to work with them. 

What you need to develop truly is your intuition and confidence in yourself.

It is through direct experience that you gain knowledge and insights from the crystals directly.

In my courses, you’ll understand how to build your relationship with crystals, based on energy anatomy (the chakra system) and how to awaken your own ability to heal intuitively, so you’ll never need to read a crystal book again.

By attending The Blissful Art classes you’ll learn effective techniques, tools and SECRETS that will empower and inspire you to heal, transform and grow personally and spiritually.