Creative flow and work boundaries

(From my email newsletter, 29 May 2020)

I have been rewriting my story in the past few weeks, and I found myself getting emotional while remembering various bits of life lessons. 
In June I celebrate 3 years since I ended up for good my life as an employee and embraced freedom. I wish I would tell how easy this journey was, but the truth is, there is not a sexy success story attached to it. 

I left because I was burnout, with depression and intense anxiety.

For a very long time I felt guilty that I was not able to ”make” it. But how can you reasonably survive to a 60-80 hours/week as a sane woman with creative endeavors on the side?


Boundaries when working from home 

Many people noticed that since they work from home they end up working a lot more that when they were commuting. I remember I did the same when I was still in employment, sometimes having to work late nights, not to consider the weekends that I didn’t even count. It’s easy to get trapped into working too much when you don’t have to catch the train back home anymore. 

1. Set a timer and something to do  

What time do you want to end your work – if you have to do overtime due to nature of your job, what time is reasonable for you to stop? What activity do you choose to do to mark the end of your working day? Perhaps you like to go for a walk, run, walk your dog or buy a chocolate from your convenience store. Go for it. 

2. Communicate 

This is a very important one, there is a saying that the child who does not cry does not receive the milk. Let your boss know if you have too much work and you can’t handle it on your own. Your boss might not be aware you have too much work if you don’t complain about it. There’s no one to do it of you don’t do it. 

3. Schedule your breaks and do something for yourself 

Don’t forget to eat, to have your full lunch break, perhaps you like to exercise, do some yoga, watch a film, meditate or pull a card. Do it, it’s for yourself. Your breaks are not wasted time, are gained time.  Taking breaks helps you to be more productive and focus better. 

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