The Blissful Art

Healing, Well-being Workshops and private sessions, Crystal Healing and Reiki Training in London


Connect With Me

My email address is 

If you feel to share your thoughts, you have any questions or you need more information about the courses, workshops and the individual sessions, I am here for you and I promise to respond within 24 hours.

UPDATE – To be able to be fully present and in the flow, I decided to leave social media. What I aim is to create real-life, meaningful connections with people.

There is a need these days of authentic human connection that cannot be ignored and in all my work I support this authenticity. I aim to be a channel for you to discover that real life is meaningful when real people gather together.

Let’s do this through experiences we share, the space we hold for each others, the sound we create and the hugs we share. Our hearts will open up and our souls will sing. 

Sending you loving light and healing blessings,