How to cleanse your healing crystals

Hello my dear readers,

The year started pleasantly busy and after a very stagnant December, I am back on track with a new blog post about cleansing crystals.

Cleansing is a very important procedure when you connect with crystals. It is like energy hygiene for your crystals, just as you’re taking regular showers to keep your body clean, by cleansing your crystals you keep then clean and fresh, ready to work with you.

Why cleansing crystals

Crystals hold strong energy due to their particular structure, they are energised by the Earth they are coming from, and vibrate simultaneously with the whole crystalline structure.

However, crystals do come in contact with different people, places and energies in their way to you. Also while you’re using them they absorb a lot of energy from the environment. Cleansing has the purpose to remove all external energies that doesn’t belong to your crystals and restore their original energy.

When to cleanse crystals

  • When you buy a new crystal before starting to use it
  • Before and after each use
  • Once a month – even if you have crystals in your collection that you don’t use, they still need to be cleansed to remove any stagnant energy.
  • After someone else touched them
  • Every time you feel it’s needed.

Crystal Cleansing methods

Fresh water – hold your crystal under running fresh water and visualise how all external energies are removed physically by the water. You can do this using tap water at your sink or you are closer to the sea or any water stream you can use that too. Keep the crystals under running water as long as you feel is needed.

Earth / soil – one of the most powerful cleansing methods when you feel your crystals really need a deep cleanse. You can use the soil in your garden if you have any safe and dry space or a plant pot. I recommend keeping the crystals in the soil between 3 to 7 days – always check with your intuition for exact timing.

Smudging – You can smudge your crystals with sage, palo-santo, or smoke from incense sticks for cleansing. A pretty safe method for all crystals and very effective. Simply hold the crystal over the smoke, at a safe distance of the heat source. Watch how the smoke covers the crystal and then leaves and imagine how the energies are removed while the smoke if flowing.

Brown rice – Fill a bowl with uncooked brown rice and put the crystals in it. Leave overnight and then discard the brown rice as it collects the energies removed from the crystal. Simple, safe and effective. 

Sound cleansing – use a singing bowl, Chinese bells, a tuning fork or a rattle to cleanse crystals with sound. A very effective, simple and safe method, perfect if you prefer a smoke free method. 

If you use a singing bowl, never place the crystals inside the singing bowl as the energy created by the sound can break the crystal. Just put the crystals on a table or on the floor and play the bowl around and over the crystals.

Moonlight  – use the moonlight for cleansing crystals on the night before, during and the night after the Full Moon. This method is ideal for your monthly crystal cleansing. Just leave the crystals by the window facing the Moon and the crystals will be cleansed during the night.

Sunlight – leave crystals for five to fifteen minutes in bright sunlight for a quick deep cleanse. Extremely effective and safe for most crystals. Do not leave crystals in sunlight for too long as some can fade in colour.

Reiki – if you are a Reiki practitioner you can send Reiki energy into your crystals with the intention of cleansing and this will give them a nice gentle cleanse.

White light – Hold the crystal in between your palms and visualise white bright light over your crystal, set an intention for cleansing during visualisation. Very safe, effective and perfect if you don’t have anything else on hand.

Cleansing sprays – Palo Santo, Sage, or other cleansing sprays formulated for crystals and also for space are suitable to replace the smoke if you prefer.