How to find flow and make Creativity a spiritual experience

We have a wonderful New Moon this Saturday 13 March 2021 that falls into the sign of Pisces. There are 2 dominant themes that emerge from this New Moon energy: creativity and spiritual awareness. To be honest, I can’t think of something more beautiful for this time of the year, as we approach the Spring […]

The magic of Disseminating Moon Phase

Did you know that the Moon never gets you wrong? Whether you experienced a bountiful harvest or an emotional explosion at the time of Full Moon you grew wiser, stronger, you learned so much as you dreamed, planned, took action, adjusted, celebrated, cried, climbed the mountain and touched the sky. The time has now come, […]

5 Meditation Alternatives to still your mind

Is your mind overactive, perhaps you feel anxious or you feel you have too much (or too little) energy to actually sit in meditation? Have you had enough trying to meditate on your own and still couldn’t find a way to build a consistent practice? I feel you, you are not alone. I tried for […]

How to create an authentic spiritual practice if you live abroad

If you are a person who lives outside the country you were raised and feel at a spiritual level something does not completely make sense, I dedicate this article especially to you. This article’s inspiration came from my own journey as a person living abroad for over 5 years. I left my home country, Romania, […]

How to set your New Moon intentions in 5 simple steps

Updated 4th July 2021 I wrote in a previous article how to prepare to manifest with the Moon and take your time for healing, dreaming and intuition. As we move into the New Moon cycle, here are the essential steps to make your practice more effective and manifest with ease. The New Moon lunar phase […]

Artemis archetype – Reclaiming your feminine power

She’s the one who disappears in the morning mist, in her walk through the depths of the forest, following the small, unwalked path through the thick bushes that takes her straight to the lake. She’s the only one who understands the whispers of trees, the language of animals and the spirit of rocks. As she […]

5 steps to transmute anger into creative power

After my previous article about the power of anger generated some really interesting discussions, I decided to expand more on the subject of expressing anger in a healthy way. But first let’s look at why anger is good and healthy when managed correctly. Anger is an emotion and, as with all emotions, your anger will […]

Why you shouldn’t let go of your negative emotions

I always had a resistance to the term of high vibrations. Just keep your vibration high, and all will be fine. Right? Wrong. But what keeping your vibration high really means? From what I noticed in all these discussions about vibrational energy it seems that through keeping the vibration high you’d likely feel more peaceful, […]

How to make healing art

Many of you already know how much I value the power of art as a wonderful way to express yourself. I feel art and creativity is actually a lot more than just self-expression. I see in the creative process a way of allowing your thoughts to concentrate, concepts to start taking a physical form and […]

The 7 Chakras – your roadmap to self-actualisation

The relationship between chakras as energy centres in the body and our emotional and physical wellbeing represents the core approach when we talk about holistic healing. Chakras are subtle energy centres in the human body. We have seven main chakras and a number of secondary chakras that are associated with the body’s organs and also […]