Sacred rituals when moving homes

There’s no secret that we live during times of uncertainty and change. For many people, life during the global pandemic brought a different way of working, a new way of doing business, and a new way of living. For many of us, it also brought the opportunity of moving homes. With all the working-from-home situation,


Why I Don’t Really Want To Go Back To ‘Normal’

I sit in the circle on the wooden floor, gathering around the white burning candle with another four humans. Holding hands. Our hearts are open. Our minds are peaceful. The quietness fills in the space, while the frankincense scented air is still holding the mystery of what has just happened. The time has stopped. No

Healing, Spirituality

The dangers of toxic positivity and fluffy spirituality

If you ever felt your spiritual practice doesn’t get you anywhere, if you ever felt your life didn’t met any improvement, in the contrary, you seem more lost than before, confused and disoriented, perhaps more preocupied with spiritual experiences rather than living your real life, then this article is for you. I am talking about


3 Books on my shelf that bring me closer to nature

Since the London lockdown started I have spent a lot more time indoors than I expected. I am a nature lover and I’ve been craving a piece of healing nature in my daily life, but for some reason, I just didn’t feel like going outside. This translated to me in more time I spent on


How to create your own ceremony at home

As we are approaching the New Year it feels a good moment to spend some time to review, release and invite the new into our lives. To me, this is a time when I like to stay more in silence and solitude. I avoid going into crowds and being too much outside and I like

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