Full Moon Healing – The Heart Chakra

Feeling tired, depleted, low mood, sad at the time of Full Moon? Or your emotions become overwhelming, you’re feeling on edge and don’t want to see anyone? Have you noticed that you tend to focus more on others while you forget about yourself and your own needs? This means that your Heart Chakra needs some […]

The magic of Disseminating Moon Phase

Did you know that the Moon never gets you wrong? Whether you experienced a bountiful harvest or an emotional explosion at the time of Full Moon you grew wiser, stronger, you learned so much as you dreamed, planned, took action, adjusted, celebrated, cried, climbed the mountain and touched the sky. The time has now come, […]

How to set your New Moon intentions in 5 simple steps

Updated 4th July 2021 I wrote in a previous article how to prepare to manifest with the Moon and take your time for healing, dreaming and intuition. As we move into the New Moon cycle, here are the essential steps to make your practice more effective and manifest with ease. The New Moon lunar phase […]

The First Quarter Moon Phase Meaning

In the seventh day after the New Moon, right at midday, you can see the soft Half Moon rising in the eastern sky, with her pale skin glowing in the sunshine. She is The Maiden, the Half Moon, ready to commit to taking action and follow her dreams, with confidence, trust and determination. At the […]

Why The Waxing Gibbous Moon Phase is essential for your success

You are so close to achieving your goal, that you almost feel its breath on your face in anticipation. It’s the breath of your soon newly born child arriving into your life, yet it’s still not there. You’re excited, but overwhelmed, you can nearly see your projects taking form, yet this is the most challenging […]

The Waxing Crescent Moon meaning – Moon Phases

You sent out your New Moon intentions, visualised them hapening, meditated with them, made the plan, jumped into action, you’re set for success. After a couple of days of action and enthusiasm, you start noticing your self-doubt arising. The negativity coming back. Perhaps you feel tired already? Or asking yourself what’s the point to keep […]

The Balsamic Moon – a Key phase in Moon manifestation

(Updated July 2021, originally published in 2020) Think of those dark long nights, when you go to sleep early, sleep like a baby, and dream a beautiful dream, all night… The Balsamic Moon brings to you those long, peaceful, restful nights…The space for you to connect deeply with your inner world. The Balsamic Moon also […]