Do you want to start, or grow your own purpose-business?
Are you creative, introvert, an empath, a healer, a change-maker?
The Universe sent you a sign…

What you seek is seeking you.

Your gifts + Life Purpose + Business Mentoring + Spirituality =

You came on this planet for a reason: perhaps to help people, save the environment, advocate for a cause you care about, make art, write a book.
You value your freedom and you’re not meant to be an employee your whole life.
You’re driven by purpose, your work has to be aligned with your heart and you want to change the world for the better.

Ready to listen to your soul calling?
This is the start of your new quest and I am your guide!

This is sacred work!
To create a business that reflects your soul purpose,
we’ll work together as a spiritual team,
ask for divine guidance,
you’ll start a journey of discovery and transformation.
I’ll help you to define the destination,
design the roadmap,
AND take practical action.

To generate the change we’ll use some special ingredients:
Reiki, crystals, magical objects, song and meditation
and have the spirit guides with us.

You’ll find new treasures on your path:
Clarify your life purpose
Discover and activate your unique gifts
Awaken your intuition and allow your heart to guide you
Develop a spiritual practice to support you along the way

We’ll travel together for minimum of 3 months,
weekly or every other week
(or in London when the time allows)

Your homework
will be part of your quest, and you’ll make a commitment to complete it:
journalling, exercises and weekly tasks.
With every week you’ll get closer to your sacred destination.

The Universe responds when you show-up…

By the end of the 3 months journey you will:
Start your own purpose-business,
Have a business vision that comes from your heart,
Have an actionable plan with your next steps.

If you’ll need my help for longer, we can continue the journey together, until you’ll be ready to walk on your own.

Today you can make the choice
between being the SEEKER or the CREATOR of your own life.
What do you choose?

Accept your quest or still have questions?
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I was in once in your shoes …

After I graduated and got my first corporate job in finance, I discovered I wasn’t made for that life. I was struggling to find purpose, I was unhappy, hopeless and lost.
In 2007, as a last resort, I asked the Universe for help and reconnected with my spirituality. I documented my journey on a blog where I shared my experiences with crystal healing, meditation, creativity, and a healthy lifestyle. The blog slowly became popular and grew into a small business that gave me purpose and joy.
For the next 10 years, I juggled day-jobs with running my business at nights. I received a wake-up call when I fell severely ill and I had to decide to fully commit.
I set-up The Blissful Art in 2017 by teaching mindfulness and creative workshops in London and slowly grew into a healing space and complementary therapies school.
Running my business full-time came with blessings but also challenges. My guides are always with me to show me the path and I wouldn’t have been here without my crystals to protect me, my drum to help me focus, Reiki to soothe my anxiety and the Moon to keep me on track.
The biggest lesson: is to lead my work from the HEART and always follow the rule of LOVE.

Happiness comes when you find your purpose
and the magic happens when you decide to say YES.

Are you ready?
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