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Amethyst – Crystal of the Month of February

Beautiful souls,

We are already in the month of February, after an intense start of the year gouverned by the potent energy of the moon, eclipses season and now approaching the Mercury retrograde on the 16th February 2020. This is a period of time that brought intensive feelings, stagnant energy followed by amazing breakthroughs, impatience and impulsiveness that required for everyone a good chunk of calm and self-control – Amethyst is the ideal crystal to balance all this chaos.

One of the most well-known and most loved crystals of all times, Amethyst holds a powerful energy, extremely protective, highly spiritual and very soothing. It is not a one-size-fit-all crystal, but it can be used for multiple purposes with excellent results.

A crystal associated with the month of February, Amethyst is also the dedicated crystal for those who are born this month. But its energy goes way higher than just this month, as this is a stone with huge power and bringing a lot of healing for circumstances of all sorts.

Amethyst Keywords: Balance, Protection, Clarity, Good Sleep, Spirituality, Meditation, Intuition

Amethyst to balance the MIND

Amethyst is an excellent crystal for intellectual work, it promotes clarity, good perception and awareness and helps you to read the truth between the lines and gives you a deeper understanding of situations and events. Brilliant when it comes to making decisions, it helps clarification of situations and facilitates smoothness in decision making process.

It helps in showing different facets and perspectives over circumstances and clears the path when necessary to bring out the best results. A great crystal to use at work but also in personal practice when a situation needs clarification and a fresh perspective, it also helps in setting realistic goals. It can sometimes bring up unpleasant but necessary truth to the surface but its gentle soothing energy supports you in the process giving you strength and ability to face discomfort.

In your work or for study, amethyst is a potent crystal that helps you to focus and learn, it promotes a good memory and helps you to make rational connections to understand and process new information.

Amethyst balances the mind and it really helps you with what you need. It brings focus and concentration when you are tired and sluggish or it brings peace and calm if your mind is over-active and anxious. A stone that promotes deep relaxation when needed, it relieves stress and anxiety.

Amethyst to balance the BODY

On the physical plane amethyst can support the body in the process of healing. A stone of balance, promotes hormonal balance, cleansing, strenthens the immune system, soothes pain and inflammation, headaches, releases tension and lowers the blood pressure, a good aid in respiratory tract issues. Be careful with all these issues as crystals in general can support the healing process, but you have to seek medical care when dealing with health issues.

Healing properties of Amethyst

In healing BALANCE is the keyword for Amethyst. It helps balancing extreme emotions, releasing anger, fear and anxiety. It really brings emotional stability and restores quickly a sense of calm and inner peace.

Crystal Tip: If you need to process intense, strong negative emotions, add an amethyst together with a smoky quartz into your pocket.

Amethyst is also a great aid in processing sadness and grief, and promotes strength when needed. It brings comfort and reassurance and it also brings angels to assist you when you feel there is any pain that you cannot deal with by yourself.

An aura cleansing stone, amethyst is very effective to cleanse negative energies from your aura and transform these energies into the positive ones. It also helps removing blockages of all sorts, helping you to release bad-habits and addictions.

A stone of great inspiration, amethyst is ideal to use by artists, writers, creatives, scientists, researchers to support their creative, innovative work.

Amethyst for sleep and dreams

Amethyst is a well-known crystal that promotes a good sleep and deep relaxation at night. It provides protection during sleep and promotes a good restorative sleep. When you’re going through some more intense circumstances, it triggers healing dreams that can be unpleasant but necessary, helping your uncoscious mind to process information and emotions. This shouldn’t last more than a couple of nights.

Crystal tip: place a light coloured, clear amethyst under your pillow for a good sleep with peaceful dreams.

Amethyst to support the SPIRIT

At a spiritual level amethyst is a very powerful protector, promoting protection from the negativity of other people but also protects from geopathic stress. Great to use as a personal protector for day to day circumstances, transforms and dissipates negative energy into light positive energy.

An excellent aid in meditation, it brings a sense of calm and peace and helps you stay focused during meditation. It can take you quickly into a place of stillness and connects you to your inner wisdom, helping you to hear your intuition with ease. It has the capacity to open you and connect to the higher realms making a perfect choice when you want to connect to the spirit world.

Amethyst opens your psychic awareness, is a wonderful crystal for scrying and facilitate intuitive dreams experiences. All you need is to setup a clear intention and allow yourself to travel into the world of pure knowing and loving truth.

How to use amethyst for self healing

The simplest way to benefit from the healing properties of amethyst is to wear it as a jewellery in a pendant, ideally in direct contact with the skin.

Other ways to use amethyst:

  • meditate with amethyst – either holding a small thumbledstone in your hand or gazing at a larger piece of amethyst cluster, pointer of sphere
  • dreamwork – place under your pillow – a light coloured amethyst for peaceful and healing dreams, a darker amethyst for psychic dreams
  • protection – you can create a protective grid in the room or house
  • placed on the body for healing
  • as gem waters or elixirs.

If you want to learn more how to connect with amethyst and crystals in general, I have some great crystal workshops coming up, please keep an eye on this page for all classes and dates. Alternatively, I am available for one-on-one crystal healing and Reiki in London – I practice in a central location, please email me for further details at

Until next time, I wish you a wonderful Full Moon week – I’ll be back soon with a post about a Full Moon ritual for this month as the energies are very special at this time.

Many blessings,


New Moon 24th January 2020 Crystal Self – Healing Ritual

Thank you for stopping by at the time of New Moon this month.

I am writing this as an invitation for you for a personal self-healing ritual to connect to the energy of this New Moon and make the most of its intense potential.

This January 2020 New Moon, is very powerful, bringing up a strong need for independence, changing behaviours and releasing unwanted habits. It triggers in us impatience and calls for success and wealth in our lives, but requires us to control our temper, staying emotionally and mentally focused. 

How to use the power of January 2020 New Moon 

Anytime starting today and continuing the following two weeks, this New Moon energy will have an intense impact in anything you do.

– what habits you want to release and make a sustainable change in your life

– what makes you feel excited and you want to invite in 2020

– if you need to make any choices – what your instincts are telling you this 

– what do you want to invite in terms of wealth and success

Perhaps at the end of the journalling session, you can come with a short conclusion / bullet points – what is relevant to you this year

Self-healing New Moon crystal session

Intention: Inviting the new/or the change/or any specific intention in our lives – if you have time to journal before the healing and you have a very clear intention, use that one. If not, you can set a general intention of inviting change/abundance etc. 

  • Setup your sacred space – see my article about creating sacred spaces at home here
  • Crystals: clear quartz, ideal for manifestation.
  • Start with a short meditation.Ask for guidance and protection and call in your own guides if you wish. 
  • Set your personal intention that arose from your journalling experience
  • When you are ready, hold the clear quartz crystal in your hand, feel its energy. Visualise how this crystal connects you with the whole quartz structures formed in the Earth.
  • Visualise a white bright light coming from the sky, through the crown of your head and travelling down inti your body, coming out through your legs connecting you with the Earth and the entire crystalline structure.
  • Visualise you’re only receiving love, light, and blessings and everything you need it is provided during this session
  • Stay in this state of stillness and allow the healing to happen. 
  • When you are ready you can thank your crystals for the the healing you received.
  • Visualise the connection of light dissolving and the crystal being released. 
  • Pull back the cord of light from the Earth back into your body and feel your legs heavy, imagine growing roots from your legs that keep you grounded while slowly come back to awareness.
  • When you are ready, come back to awareness. 
  • Cleanse the crystal and the room 

Allow yourself time and space to process this healing. Pay attention the following days to any thoughts, emotions, feelings that are trigered and journal your experience if you wish.

If you want to find more on how to work with crystals for self healing, I teach a couple of beginner workshops in London and also a practitioner course, for dates please check the crystal workshops page .

Until next time, I’m sending you many blessings and loving light


The power of Rhodonite, the Love holder

I’ve been meditating with Rhodonite to get its clear messages about what it is meant to do for us in healing and I’ve been channeled this article.

A beautiful crystal sometimes not appreciated at its own value, Rhodonite is a strong love crystal.

Rhodonite has the ability to bring twin flames together. It brings passion in old and new relationships, enhances sexual desire and sensuality.

Rhodonite holds the truth of pure love at a physical, emotional and spiritual level. It helps lovers to express their love and keep the flame alive. It brings strength during challenges, positivity, and hope. Rhodonite has the ability to bless authentic relationships with divine light and brings harmony and piece in those relationships that are meant to last.

Despite of being a love crystal, Rhodonite is not a Mister Fix Everything at any time. It’s ability to support love is offered in only pure, true loving relationships based on authentic communication, real connection and that respects free will. Rhodonite will never give support in relationships that are controlling, on the contrary, rhodonite will help people break free from these types of relationships and help one to see the truth behind the words and see the bigger picture.

Rhodonite helps expressing love in all forms, keeping the energy flowing freely from heart to heart. It sustains true love, soul purpose , desire and those relationships that are meant to exist for a higher purpose.

Rhodonite is associated with the flower energy of hibiscus and it can be used in rituals and meditation while drinking a hibiscus tea to enhance the healing that is needed.

Emotionally, it brings to the surface true feeling and helps lovers to express them openly. It brings a higher purpose to relationships, sustains passion and desire and brings resilience and patience when is needed. It helps lovers to understand and accept their differences and honour them, encouraging healthy relationships, personal freedom and free will.

I will be posting soon a Valentine Day ritual for love with Rhodonite – please watch this blog for further information.

And in the meantime, if you want to find more about how to use crystals for yourself, you can join one of my workshops in London or contact me for a private session.

Many blessings and crystal love,


Garnet, January Birthstone and How to release unwanted habits ritual

Hello, again

I’m starting a new blog series about birthstones and every month I write about the crystal of the month. This is the place to join whenever you feel curious to know more about your own birthstone, if you need some guidance on crystals that you could offer to your loved ones for their birthday, or if you just want to support your own journey during the specific month of the year.

When to use a garnet crystal

You can work with garnet energy whether :

  • garnet is your birthstone
  • during the month of January even if it is not your birthstone
  • if you need support in any aspect that garnet can address

The best qualities of garnet

Increase energy – Extremely potent crystal, garnet provides a strong sense of grounding and balances energy levels in the body. Especially during the winter months, wearing garnet it brings you an energy boost and increases motivation, and determination.

A new perspective – Whenever it comes to new projects or existing ones that need to be reconsidered, working with garnet energy it will bring you a new perspective and it will make you see new ways of approaching things.

Crisis and challenges – In moments of crisis or intense changes, when everything seems to be falling apart, garnet is the stone that will help you not only overcome the struggles but to actually find the brightest solutions to your problems whilst building up your strength and trust.

Revitalise – Garnet is a revitalising crystal. It works really well in helping you to restore lost motivation, it supports you in building your perseverance and injects your projects with enthusiasm and passion.

Passion – In long-term, romantic relationships garnet helps to restore passion and stimulates sexual desire. It enhances sexual communication and fulfillment at a physical and emotional level.

Changing behaviours – A very good choice if you work on releasing any unwanted behaviours and changing habits and patterns, garnet supports you to successfully release these and make space in yourself to create healthily, beneficial habits for yourself.

Grounding – In moments of low mood, tiredness, depression, garnet supports you to feel grounded, it really brings you back to reality facilitating the strong connection to the Earth, helping you to regain your normal energy levels and rediscover your zest for life.

Regeneration – At a physical level, garnet is a regenerative crystal, fortifies the blood and stimulates the circulatory system, renews the cells, stimulated the blood pressure and strengthens the immune system.

How to wear and use garnet

As a jewelery the best option on wearing garnet is as earrings or pendant.
In a self-healing session, you can place a garnet tumbledstone on the affected area of the body, or place it on the root chakra depending where is needed.

Garnet Key qualities:

Energy, motivation, strength, new perspective.

Related chakra

Root Chakra or Muladhara

Releasing Bad Habits – Self-Healing ritual with Garnet

What you need:

The ritual:

  • sit in your sacred space and breathe deeply to still your mind and connect to yourself, relax into your body, mind and spirit
  • when you feel enough connected imagine a white light above your head, radiating through your body, cleansing your aura from any unwanted energy
  • place your hand to your heart and ask your heart what is the habit that you need to release and take time to listen: notice any word, thought, feeling that pops into your mind
  • once you found what you need to release take your journal or your piece of paper and write down your intention: I am now releasing X habit through the healing that is about to happen. If you are not clear in your intention try and write down a few variations until you are happy with phasing your intention.
  • when you are ready you can lie down, breathe deeply, relax into your body, mind and spirit
  • Hold the garnet crystal onto your heart and ask the crystal to support you in your healing intention
  • place the crystal on your root chakra – this can be just above the pubic bone or between your legs at your choice.
  • Take three deep breaths and say aloud your intention: I dedicate this healing to release X habit which no longer serves me. I am now releasing X habit from my body, from my mind and from my aura and I set myself free from this habit.
  • Stay relaxed with your eyes closed and the crystal placed onto your root chakra for about 10 minutes. If any strong discomfort such as intense feelings in the body, laughter, crying, hot flush or increased heart pressure, then release the crystal and close the session as it might be too much energy released. Do not stay in healing if you feel intense discomfort.
  • When you are ready you can thank to your crystal and release it from your body, take a couple of breaths and slowly bring yourself back into awareness.

The healing process is now complete. Try to keep yourself hydrated, be mindful of your feelings, thoughts and dreams the following days or even week and notice anything that feels relevant. You can journal your experiences as this can be very helpful in observing the changes or making a sense of your experiences.

Sometimes more than one session is needed to release a habit, you can repeat this healing process whenever you feel is necessary.

If you want to learn more about how to work with crystals for yourself or to help others, I teach crystal healing workshops for beginners and for aspiring professionals in London, please have a look at my workshops section on the website.

Until next time,

I am sending you many blessings to lighten your journey,


How to cleanse your healing crystals

Hello my dear readers,

The year started pleasantly busy and after a very stagnant December, I am back on track with a new blog post about cleansing crystals.

Cleansing is a very important procedure when you connect with crystals. It is like energy hygiene for your crystals, just as you’re taking regular showers to keep your body clean, by cleansing your crystals you keep then clean and fresh, ready to work with you.

Why cleansing crystals

Crystals hold strong energy due to their particular structure, they are energised by the Earth they are coming from, and vibrate simultaneously with the whole crystalline structure.

However, crystals do come in contact with different people, places and energies in their way to you. Also while you’re using them they absorb a lot of energy from the environment. Cleansing has the purpose to remove all external energies that doesn’t belong to your crystals and restore their original energy.

When to cleanse crystals

  • When you buy a new crystal before starting to use it
  • Before and after each use
  • Once a month – even if you have crystals in your collection that you don’t use, they still need to be cleansed to remove any stagnant energy.
  • After someone else touched them
  • Every time you feel it’s needed.

Crystal Cleansing methods

Fresh water – hold your crystal under running fresh water and visualise how all external energies are removed physically by the water. You can do this using tap water at your sink or you are closer to the sea or any water stream you can use that too. Keep the crystals under running water as long as you feel is needed.

When using water please be avoid for soft crystals such as selenite, black tourmaline and generally any crystal with hardness less than 6 on Moss Scale. I’ll write a blog post about it to explain more.

Earth / soil – one of the most powerful cleansing methods when you feel your crystals really need a deep cleanse. You can use the soil in your garden if you have any safe and dry space or a plant pot. I recommend keeping the crystals in the soil between 3 to 7 days – always check with your intuition for exact timing.

Smudging – You can smudge your crystals with sage, palo-santo, or smoke from incense sticks for cleansing. A pretty safe method for all crystals and very effective. Simply hold the crystal over the smoke, at a safe distance of the heat source. Watch how the smoke covers the crystal and then leaves and imagine how the energies are removed while the smoke if flowing.

Brown rice – Fill a bowl with uncooked brown rice and put the crystals in it. Leave overnight and then discard the brown rice as it collects the energies removed from the crystal. Simple, safe and effective. 

Sound cleansing – use a singing bowl, Chinese bells, a tuning fork or a rattle to cleanse crystals with sound. A very effective, simple and safe method, perfect if you prefer a smoke free method. 

If you use a singing bowl, never place the crystals inside the singing bowl as the energy created by the sound can break the crystal. Just put the crystals on a table or on the floor and play the bowl around and over the crystals.

Moonlight  – use the moonlight for cleansing crystals on the night before, during and the night after the Full Moon. This method is ideal for your monthly crystal cleansing. Just leave the crystals by the window facing the Moon and the crystals will be cleansed during the night.

Sunlight – leave crystals for five to fifteen minutes in bright sunlight for a quick deep cleanse. Extremely effective and safe for most crystals. Do not leave crystals in sunlight for too long as some can fade in colour.

Reiki – if you are a Reiki practitioner you can send Reiki energy into your crystals with the intention of cleansing and this will give them a nice gentle cleanse.

White light – Hold the crystal in between your palms and visualise white bright light over your crystal, set an intention for cleansing during visualisation. Very safe, effective and perfect if you don’t have anything else on hand.

Cleansing sprays – Palo Santo, Sage, or other cleansing sprays formulated for crystals and also for space are suitable to replace the smoke if you prefer.

Always use your intuition and trust which method to choose to cleanse your crystals and for how long.

If you want to find more, I teach in London a beginner’s workshop on How to Use Crystals for Self Healing, where you can learn how to connect with crystals and experience how to use them effectively for yourself to support you in your intentions.

Until next time,

Many blessings and loving light,


How to create your own sacred ceremony at home

As we are approaching the New Year it feels a good moment to spend some time to review, release and invite the new into our lives.

To me, this is a time when I like to stay more in silence and solitude. I avoid going into crowds and being too much outside and I like to take advantage of these quiet days to focus on my inner world instead.

I hope you’ll find in your diary some quiet time to spend with yourself for a peaceful ritual of deep connection.

There are a couple of things to consider in creating your own ritual at home :

  • tools you need
  • create your sacred space
  • prepare yourself
  • the ritual itself
  • closing ceremony

What you need to create your own ceremony

  • Find a quiet corner – find a quiet place in your home where you are not being disturbed for the duration of your ritual. Make it nice and welcoming for yourself. It doesn’t have to be a lot of space, just enough to set a cushion, a little altar with meaningful objects, crystals and candles.
  • Create a little altar – The altar gathers meaningful objects to you, anything that you know is relevant to have for your ceremony. A simple nice cloth, a candle, some crystals, anything meaningful to you, for example, a statue or a flower.
  • Your Journal and coloured pens – to write down your reflections. I always like to use a simple journal and coloured pens to use for different ideas. I noticed that depending on how I feel or the subject I am writing of, I am drawn to different colours so I always like to have around a blue, green, purple, pink and a red pen.
  • Music to relax – Music helps a lot in creating a sacred space and I find it very effective to induce deep relaxation and a sense of feeling good. It also helps to focus. I love choosing meditative and spiritual music for a wonderful experience.
  • Smudging tools, a rattle – for energy cleansing. This is good to do at the beginning of your ritual to prepare the space and make yourself.
  • A clear quartz crystal for manifestation
  • Tea, cacao, hot chocolate to indulge your senses into meditation.

Create a sacred space

We talked about what you need for your ritual, but the first step before stepping into things is to create the sacred space.

Once you found your quiet corned and setup the room for yourself, there are a couple of things you can do to make the space really special and sacred:

  • Diffuse warm lightning – a warm diffuse light in the room, enhanced by candles and fairy lights make a lovely atmosphere for your space. The darker the room, the better as when the light fades our intuition is easier to be perceived.
  • Create a calming, grounding scent – to create a calming scent in your space you can use incence such as Frankincense or Sandalwood or if you like essential oils you can use an oil diffuser for a magical feel.
  • Clear the space – this is a very important step that purifies the space from all previous energies, making it clean, neutral and receptive to whatever you want to call in. To clear the space you can smudge with sage, palo-santo, incense or you can use sound such as chinese bells, a drum, a singing bowl, a rattle. My favourite is using sage and a rattle.
  • Play relaxing music – Music contributes a lot to your mood and nourishes your spirit. It fills the atmosphere with a sense of calm and facilitates the connectin with your inner world and the Universe.
  • Setup the altar – Place the cloth, a candle, a crystal, a meaningful object and your altar is ready. It does not have to be complicated, and I truly believe that less is more when it comes to our power to focus.

Prepare yourself for your ceremony

I always like to have my own ceremonies at home and nothing feels more meaningful thank preparing myself for my ‘me-time’. I like to wear nice clothes that make me feel good, have a shower before the ceremony and prepare myself mentally.

These are some ideas on how to prepare yourself for the ceremony/ ritual, of course you can do whatever feels good to you.

  • Bath or shower – just before the ceremony, take care of your physical body, have a nice aromatherapy bath or shower and indulge yourself into relaxing scents. I love having a shower using a natural soap with relaxing essential oils such as Lavender.
  • Wear comfortable nice clothes – that make you feel good while sitting on the cushion. I like those long sumptuous dresses to wear just for myself and feel like a goddess.
  • Cleanse your own energy – by smudging with sage or palo-santo, or using a rattle around your body. This removes all external energies that you might carry from others and helps you to ground yourself and focus.
  • Meditate – to still your mind and bring the awareness within.

I hope you liked these ideas and you’ll use them to create your own ritual at home. If you want to share what works for you I would love to hear your thoughts.

Many blessings and loving light,


Ten energy healing tips and crystals to increase your energy levels

If you feel tired in the morning even if you slept enough hours, if you feel weak and drawn of energy during the day or feeling the need to have a nap in the middle of the day, you feel difficulties to concentrate, I have a couple of healing ideas for you to increase your energy levels.

Crystal Meditation

 The best crystals for boosting your energy are red jasper and red carnelian. Other options are poppy jasper, fire agate, fire opal. 

  • To benefit from a crystal energy boost, first cleanse your crystal, find your favourite meditation spot and sit comfortably with the crystal in your left hand for receiving energy. 
  • Take a few deep breaths in through the nose and exhale through the mouth, connecting with your breath for a couple of minutes.
  • When you feel connected with yourself enough, it’s time to connect with your crystal – feel it in your palm, feel its shape, the texture, the temperature.
  • Visualise a red energy glow flowing into your body through your arm, into your heart, into your bloodstream and from there expanding in your blood and in every cell of your body. Feel this energy increasing, feel it pulsating in in your body, nourishing you. Allow yourself to receive this energy into your body and stay with this feeling for as long as you can.
  • When you are ready take three deep breaths and open your eyes. 


This is an indirect method of energy boosting as it cultivates your self-awareness and capacity to reflect. If you don’t use a journal this a good place to start. You can buy a beautiful journal or just a simple book.
Try and write down every day a couple of words about your main activities during the day and how they made you feel, and note your energy levels. This will give you an idea of what activities energises you and what activities drain you. With this occasion, you may notice that certain people, situations, places or circumstances are to be addressed.

Best crystals for journaling: 

  • blue calcedonia, celestite,  aquamarine, lapis lazuli, sodalite – placed next to your journal. 

Colour Therapy

The best colour to enhance your energy is red in different shades. However if you are an anxious person you want to avoid red and choose green instead. Bring some more colour into your life by wearing red or green, having red flowers or green plants in your living space. Sometimes is not needed to have a lot of red around you, simply wearing a scarf, a pair red socks, or just a piece of clothing can be enough.

Best colour therapy crystal to carry with you:

  • red jasper, red carnelian, green aventurine, green agate

Eat and drink the colours

 We are still in the psychology of colour when talking about eating and the best options are: eat red fruits such as strawberries, raspberries, cranberries, red apples, tomatoes. Drink red tea. Eat red meat if you normally have met in your diet.

Enhance your energy with essential oils

Smells are very powerful energy transporters and they work effectively within seconds. My favourite essential oils for energy are: lemongrass, peppermint, lemon, eucalyptus, orange. Always use diluted in a carrier oil (check the instructions on the bottle),  put a little bit on your palms and inhale deeply. You can do this 3 times and you’re good to go. Repeat anytime you need a refresh.

Best crystals to with essential oils for energy

Enhance this energy with a green aventurine,  green quartz or malachite crystal. 

Move your legs and your entire body

Be more in your physicality – this helps a lot. Moving your body, walking, walking barefoot for grounding and connecting to the earth, meditation on the earth in nature, dancing, doing squats, jumping. All of these activities increases your strength and even if you might find them difficult in the beginning, just keep going and the results will come.

Best crystal – tigers eye and red jasper.

Avoid alcohol.

I cannot state enough how much alcohol can negatively affect our energy levels and also our mood. Some people use alcohol because they think they will feel relaxed, happy and just for fun. What they don’t know is that in fact alcohol is a depressant substance, it weakens the physical energy but also the spirit. A person who consumes alcohol is prone to depression, anxiety, tiredness, nightmares, poor concentration, weakness, moodiness and makes a perfect victim of psychic attacks.

Best crystal to reduce your alcohol intake:


Drink tea instead of coffee.

Tea leaves does contain caffeine but their energy is much more gentle. Drinking a good tea will make you feel not only energised, it will give you a good dose of antioxidants, and offer you the possibility to have a tea meditation experience which can be deeply rewarding. If you want to know more about tea ceremonies and meditation, please check my friend Lera as she does amazing tea ceremonies in London. 

Have enough rest – but do not oversleep.

A normal person needs about 8 hours of sleep per night. Some people need less, however you need to really connect to your body and tune into your body needs when it comes to sleep. Try and not sleep more that 8 hours if you don’t have a serious reason to do it ( for example after a busy time, a long trip or challenging work) . Having too much sleep is not beneficial either as it can negatively affect your mood and can make you sluggish for the day. Take care of your sleeping patterns and try to not take naps during the day unless necessary.

Best crystal for sleep:


Connect to your menstrual cycle

Connect to your body, develop your menstruation awareness and learn to work with your menstrual cycle. You’ll learn that some phases come with high energy levels, great inspiration and creativity, and others come with tiredness and the need to spend time in solitude. Honour these phases and take care of yourself and your energy levels. Rest when you body needs to rest and do not push your limits. It is normal to feel tired at times and is good to allow yourself to relax. It’s best to be active when you feel energised and strong, and rest when you need rest

Best crystal for menstruation


I hope you’ll find some inspiration in this article and you’ll apply some of these ideas for yourself. If you feel you need more personal support, you can check my healing sessions , crystal healing courses and workshops or group healing sessions.

Many blessings and loving light,