What no one tells you about becoming an energy healer

Can anyone become an energy healer?

This question stayed with me for a good while ever since I started to teach crystal healing practitioner qualification courses, and it really gave me food for thought, to be honest.

The short answer is NO.

The long answer is a little more complicated.

Can everyone really be an energy healer?

As much I enjoy teaching, I believe that not everyone is meant to be a healer.

Of course, anyone can learn practical skills, more or less but there is always much more to this work than it seems on a first view.

I believe that anyone should have access to information to learn how heal themselves, but when it comes to working with clients, you really need to know a few things before making the decision to step into it.

1. Healing work is hard work

Healing is not about placing the right crystal on a person’s body, playing some nice music in the background and waiting to see results straight away and booking the client for a new session the following week.

The true long-lasting change lies in the deep conversations that take place before the session.

The loving space held during the session so that transformation can happen .

And most importantly, what happens after the session.

I think the essential time for healing is actually the one after the session has ended: the integration.

For this to happen, the healer has the responsibility to offer advice and guidance on how the session can be integrated and change facilitated.

The client also has a responsibility to follow the guidance, and allow the natural process of healing to unfold.

2. To become a healer you need to engage in extensive training

You can’t go out there and heal people after you’ve attended a Reiki 1 and 2 weekend. You just can’t. You’re not ready for it, you need to learn a lot more than a simple weekend course can teach you.

Just because everyone can learn some energy techniques, doesn’t mean the person is really prepared for the job.

I am especially concerned about the many course providers who accept a large number of students, offer little support and offer questionable qualification courses.

These are the course providers who will tell you that everyone can do this work.

I recon that even I believed that, with the right guidance, everyone can be a healer.

I thought that everyone was naturally attuned to feel, perceive and work with energy, but just needs to remember.

I completely forgot to add into the picture the years of intense, focused, dedicated study of psychology, energy, ancient wisdom, spiritual teachings, psychic development.

I now know that I was wrong.

You need to gather as much knowledge you can in positive psychology, inner child healing, shadow work, counselling skills, coaching skills, spirituality. The more, the merrier.

3. You need to stay humble and have the highest good of your client at heart

You have to allow the love for people to drive your work.

You also have to be pure in your intention and be willing to help another from a place of love, you have to be a genuine nurturing personality.

You need to believe in people’s abilities to heal and grow and you have to be ready to empower another to become independent so they can no longer need you and be able to help themselves.

You have to put your client’s interest first and have strong work ethics. And let people go when they are ready.

I must confess that it worries me to hear when people are reliant on their healer and they need to see them regularly, for many weeks, months or even years.

Of course, there are times in life when people need more sustained support when going through difficulties but this should only happen when it’s the case and it shouldn’t become the norm and a way of living.

Healing people is sacred work and you have to treat it with respect.

4. Before healing other you HAVE TO heal yourself first

You have to engage in deep inner work yourself. You can’t heal others if you didn’t walk the path or you’re still triggered by your own trauma.

The one who came out of their own darkness, healed their pain and saw the light on the other side, can be a clear channel for healing light. 


In summary, here are 6 signs you ARE a healer:

  • you are ready to engage in deep inner work
  • you are serious about the journey and willing to put in the time and energy to practice at home, study, do your own research
  • you want to develop your intuition and allow it to guide you
  • you know that to become a healer is a journey and it takes time
  • you have a genuine intention of helping people
  • you’re driven by LOVE

But if you rather resonate with the affirmations below

  • you aren’t ready to do the inner work, you think you are perfect and you know it all
  • you don’t want to commit the time to study, experiment, do your homework and also do your own research
  • you expect me to give you an exact framework and you’re not willing to develop your intuition
  • your intention is not pure and you’re only looking for a solution to escape your corporate career and you think energy healing is on-trend.
  • you’re driven by money

With all the love and good intentions, I’d say that your time has not yet come.

I hope this responds to your question and it will help you make a decision when considering to enroll in a professional qualification course.

Many blessings,


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