The Balsamic Moon meaning

There is no secret that the Moon holds powerful energy available to everyone interested to tap into it and use it in personal spiritual practice. As a passionate Moon follower myself, I noticed the manifestation with the Moon really works if we use it mindfully and consistently. However, what I found most important, is the time we give ourselves for reflection and healing that counts the most.

At the time of writing this article we are in the Balsamic Moon phase also known as the Waning Crescent. I intentionally chose this as the first article in the Moon series, as it offers the foundation for a strong manifestation practice.

These days the Moon is least illuminated, looking very thin on the sky and rising very late, just before the dawn hours. This is the last phase of the moon cycle, that holds a very special energy.

Keywords: Rest, Let-go, Release, Listen, Dream

This is the end of a moon cycle, a time to give yourself a well-deserved break. The night is dark. A time for deep, restorative sleep, for dreaming and allowing the unconscious to lead.

Perhaps you noticed that your physical body feels a little tired, your energy levels are lower than usual. Perhaps your clarity and rational processes seem a little out of the place but your intuition is stronger. This is a great time to connect with your inner knowing, to connect with the Wise One archetype. Give yourself time and space to listen and honour your wisdom. This will greatly benefit you in the following stages of manifestation.

Go within, reflect, release

A time to go inwards, reflect and release. Now is the time to look at what projects, habits you don’t want to grow or perpetuate. What you are ready to let go of.

Reflect upon the last moon cycle. Look what went well for you and celebrate. It’s a great time to be grateful for how far you’ve come. Write down all your achievements and meditate on gratitude.

Only after you completed this step, now look at what didn’t work out and identify the causes. Ask yourself:

  • Were my actions in alignment with what I really want to achieve?
  • What patterns do I keep repeating that did not benefit me?
  • What is holding me back?
  • What is the story I tell myself about my ability to reach my goals and fulfill my deepest and most treasured desires?
  • What am I willing and ready to let go of?

Release and heal – Create time and space for letting go. Set your sacred space and choose a release ritual. Some ideas:

  • Breathing – visualise inhaling a green healing light, and exhale whatever you intend to release. You can keep the count 4-7-8 : Inhale the green light up to 4, hold it inside you up to 7 – and release what you no longer need up to 8. Continue for 10 minutes.
  • Visualisation – imagine yourself bringing in white light, cleansing energy, and grounding into the Earth what no longer serves you. Give it to the Earth to be transmuted into positive energy to nourish the Earth.
  • Write it on a piece of paper and burn it or break the paper into pieces. This can be extremely powerful as it’s very physical. Be careful with fire though.

If you wish to resolve deeper issues and you are not confident to do it yourself, this is a great time receive energy healing from your favourite practitioner.

And ultimately…

Dream – That’s the next stage in your preparation, allow yourself time and space to DREAM. 

Clear your mind and make space for new dreams to take form. Some things you can do at this time:

  • Meditate – to still your mind and relax, without attachment. Mindfulness meditation is great at this time. Do not go into dream visualisation yet. Just allow your mind to quieten and give yourself permission to receive, without sending out anything.
  • Gentle exercising – you can also clear your mind doing your exercises. Try to keep yourself anchored in the present moment. Ideally, choose exercises that are easy on your body as the physical energy is not at the highest level.
  • Take a ritualistic bath, allow your senses to take over, allow the water to hold you in its warmth. You can add 3 drops of your favourite relaxing essential oil: Lavender, Geranium, Frankincense.

Things to do during the Balsamic Moon

  • Detox – this is a time that is very suitable for detox. You can dedicate this practice to a specific intention if you wish.
  • Rest and restore as much as you can, sleep more, go inwards
  • Shadow work – if you are ready for it, this is the perfect moment
  • If you want your short this is a time to cut it as it won’t grow back quickly
  • This is a favourable time for medical interventions as pain and bleeding is reduces and healing will soon be facilitated at the time of New Moon.

What not to do during the Balsamic Moon

  • Do not start a new project just yet – this is not a time for action.
  • Don’t force yourself to figure out things, simply relax and surrender. This is a great time for healing and allowing the Universe to do its part. 
  • Do not plant seeds in the garden (Literally), as they won’t grow due to lack of water and life-force energy. The Earth cannot support growth at this time
  • Do not cut your hair if you wish it to grow back – it will grow slow
  • This is not a time for action.

I wish you a smooth healing process during this Moon phase and don’t forget to check other Moon articles to have the complete picture of the cycle.

Many blessings,