Angels and Ancestors Oracle review

Are you an oracle deck lover and/or reader like I am? I am back with a new article and video review of the very popular Angels and Ancestors Oracle deck by Kyle Gray with artwork by Lily Moses. Enjoy!

How many cards are in the Angels and Ancestors Oracle?

The Angels and Ancestors Oracle contains 55 cards and an 150 pages guidebook.

What I like about this deck is that is structured on 4 main categories and had a very earthy feeling. It covers angelic energy along with ancestral energy with a shamanic feel, and the angels are represented more physical and less volatile than I saw on other angelic decks.

The 4 categories of cards are: Sacred Ones, Guardians and Messengers, Warrior Symbols and Seasons. Each card has a message associated with its energy.

Let’s take them one by one:

Sacred Ones:

  • Druid – Hold the space
  • Earth Mother – Feel loved and conforted
  • Elder – Move Beyond ancestral patterns
  • Great Teacher – Learn from spiritual experiences
  • Hermit – Retreat and recharge
  • High Priest – Intend and create
  • High Priestess – Harness Mystic Power
  • Hunter – Track down your fears and desires
  • Knight – Be brave and honest
  • Lady – enjoy growth and reap rewards
  • Lord – take charge with authority
  • Medicine Mother – Honour your inner knowing
  • Oracle – wait for important information
  • Peacekeeper – Let go the need to be right
  • Sage – Be devoted and commited
  • Seer – See beyond the current situation
  • Shaman – Trust in Higher forces
  • Shaolin Master – be graceful in movement and action
  • Shapeshifter – Transform and unveil your gifts
  • She-Wolf – Unlash the wild within
  • Shield Maiden – make plans and focus
  • Sky Father – trust in the unknown
  • Spirit Fox – trust your talents in changing times
  • Star Ancestor – Follow the voice of your soul
  • Stargazer – set your sights higher
  • Trader – Exchange energy to create abundance
  • Traveller – Move in a new direction
  • Warrior – be fearless and stand strong
  • White Whitch – be the light
  • Wise One – grow within your current situation

Guardians and Messengers

  • Air Guardian – shift your perception
  • Animal Guardian – trust your instincts
  • Direction Guardian – choose your path
  • Earth Guardian – stay rooted and grounded
  • Fire Guardian – ignite your passions
  • Guardian Angel – you are not alone
  • Heart Guardian – love and let yourself be loved
  • Magick Guardian – unlock the magick within
  • Medicine Guardian – be open to healing information
  • Mirror Guardian – take time to reflect
  • Protection Guardian – drop your shields
  • Water Guardians – Connect with your emotions

Warrior Symbols

  • Arrow – suround yourself with protective energy
  • Broken arrow – embrace the energy of peace
  • Drum – Dream and journey
  • Eagle – see from a higher perspective
  • Moon – take note of intuitive messages
  • Mountains – stand your ground
  • Snake – shed old skin
  • Stag – trust and thrive
  • Sun – Enjoy success and happines


  • Autumn- release the old and rest
  • Spring – see your seeds grow
  • Summer – bask in joy and light
  • Winter – take care of your needs

Angels and Ancestors – How is the Guidebook

The guidebook contains 150 pages ( size 3.5 * 5 inches ). Chapters:

Introduction – about the energy of angels and about the wisdom of ancestors and the opportunity to connect the realms.

A chapter about how to use the cards – and the energy of the cards and each section, how to use the power of ceremony, how to connect with your oracle ( includes working with the directions which I am so so much into!). Also it covers information about when to do a reading, how to prepare, how to conduct a reading, cleansing ceremony and some oracle spreads.

Explanation of the cards – These are grouped on the 4 main categories mentioned – which I actually found it a little confusing to start with. I normally like the guidebooks that place the card messages either in alphabetical order or by numbers, but this particular guidebook has a different way of organising information. So it’s not easy to find your card quickly until you are more familiar with your deck and you already know which cards belong to which category.

There are 2 pages dedicated for each cards meaning – with a picture of the card, the description and the short message. Then it goes into an introductory Message ( about 3 rows) , an About section of the card (about half a page), and an Extended Message (another half a page).

A little bit aboyt Kyle Gray – the author of Angels and Ancestors Oracle

Kyle Gray is a very popular spiritual writer and the new angel expert who published seven best-selling books with Hay House. Called by some the angel whisperer, Kyle saw an angel for the first time at the age of 15. He deepened the connection with angels and spirituality as he was struggling with his sexual identity as a teenager.

To me, Kyle Gray is a breath of fresh air in the spiritual community, a true Earth Angel to be honest and I am sure he was sent here for a reason. He is a gay men who shares his views on equality, freedom of expression, fair treatment and inclusivity. He is a gifted, passionate, and a clear channel for downloading information from celestial beings.

Angels and Ancestors – the artwork

The artwork of this deck is created by Lily Moses who is a self-taught visionary artist who integrates symbols, archetypes, myth with visions from her own meditations and dreams.

I tried to find more about the artist but unfortunately, her website and her social media accounts are not available anymore, some assume she deleted her accounts and it’s hard to get in touch with her. So as much I loved to learn more about the artist, it seems a little impossible at this time. However, the artwork is stunning, earthy, very grounding, and comforting and I am sure the pagan community would love the images from this deck.

Angels and Ancestors – video review

To help you have a clearer idea of how this deck looks like and if you’d like to have it, I leave here a short video I uploaded on my new Youtube channel. Enjoy!