Amethyst properties and symbolism

One of the most well-known and most loved crystals of all times, Amethyst holds powerful properties.

In this article we’ll touch on:

  1. Amethyst Birthstone
  2. Colour, types and physical properties
  3. Properties and meaning for day to day life : work/study and emotional healing
  4. Spiritual properties
  5. Amethyst chakra
  6. How to use amethyst
  7. Cleansing amethyst

1. Amethyst Birthstone 

Associated with the month of February, Amethyst and is traditionally considered a February birthstone. 

Amethyst is  Pisces birthstone for people born between February 19 and March 20. 

Pisces is by definition creative, intuitive, empath and big hearted. Amethyst helps them to visualise their future, get clarity, feel protected, worry less and sleep better. 

2. Colour, types of Amethyst and physical properties

Colour and types

Generally are a couple of types of amethyst and all resemble colours from pale lavender colour to purple and dark indigo. 

There’s also an amethyst crystal called chevron that has a combination of white with various shades of purple and indigo.

Rarer colours are pink lavender. 

There is also a stone called prasiolite that sometimes is called green amethyst. This is not actually real amethyst.

If you wonder what colour is amethyst, we’ll leave some pictures in this article to show you different types of amethyst.

Amethyst colours and shades

Amethyst physical properties

Hardness of 7 on Moss scale. 

It is a variety of Quartz and its purple colour is given by the presence of Iron and Manganese in the crystal. 

Does not dissolve in water, only in a certain type of acid. 

3. Amethyst properties and meaning for daily life

The main qualities of Amethyst can be seen in a couple of categories

  • work and study
  • emotional healing 

Amethyst properties for work and study

  • promotes clarity and helps you make swift decisions
  • shows you the bigger picture
  • helps you focus and retain information 

Clarity, decision making, inspiration

Firstly, amethyst is an excellent crystal for intellectual work. 

It helps you have a clear mind and excellent understanding of complicated concepts, situations or events. 

When you need to make a decision, it brings you brilliant perception, helps you see the truth, and move forward quickly and smoothly.

A stone of great inspiration, amethyst is ideal to use by artists, writers, creatives, scientists, researchers.

So if you’re working in a creative profession, wear amethyst to facilitate the easy flow of ideas and inspiration. 

Shows you the bigger picture

Secondly, amethyst is a stone that shows you different facets and perspectives over circumstances and clears the path when necessary to bring out the best results. 

A great crystal to use at work, for study but also in personal life when a situation needs clarification and a fresh perspective. 

It also helps you set realistic goals in your career. 

Sometimes this stone may bring up necessary but unpleasant truth to the surface. But due to its soothing energy it gives you the ability to face discomfort.

Focus and memory

Lastly, amethyst is a potent crystal that helps you to focus and learn. 

Promotes a good memory and helps you to understand and take in new information.

Amethyst properties for emotional healing

  • calm
  • balance
  • grief support
  • dreamwork
  • prevents excess


If you tend to worry too much, amethyst brings in calm, deep relaxation and relieves relieve stress.

Amethyst crystal cluster surface


BALANCE is the keyword for Amethyst. 

It balances extreme emotions, releasing anger, fear and worry. 

Brings emotional stability and restores quickly a sense of calm and inner peace.

Crystal Tip: Combine amethyst with smoky quartz when going through intense emotions.

Helps you process grief

Amethyst is also a great crystal for processing sadness and grief, and promotes strength when needed. 

It brings comfort and reassurance and makes you feel spiritually supported and no longer alone. 

It won’t make you feelings disappear, but it will help you accept them, adapt to the situation and become more resilient. 


Amethyst is a well-known crystal that promotes a good sleep and deep relaxation at night. 

It provides spiritual protection during sleep. 

When you’re going through difficulties, it brings healing dreams so you can process emotions. 

Crystal tip: place a light coloured amethyst near your bed for a good sleep with peaceful dreams.

Prevents excess

Amethyst helps you balance excess of any sorts. 

For example even from ancient times Amethyst was believed to help people stay sober. 

In medieval times was used as a stone that calmed down excessive sexual desire, bringing contentment and chaste love which was at great virtue.

4. Amethyst powers for your spiritual life

  • helps you meditate
  • cleanses the aura and protects
  • strengthens your intuition

An excellent meditation stone

An excellent aid in meditation, it brings a sense of calm and peace and helps you stay focused during meditation. 

It can take you quickly into a place of stillness and and helps you hear your intuition with ease. 

If you want to connect to your spirit guides, amethyst is an ideal crystal to use. 

Amethyst opens your psychic awareness, is a wonderful crystal for scrying and facilitate intuitive dreams experiences. 

All you need is to setup a clear intention and allow yourself to travel into the world of pure knowing and loving truth.

Aura cleanser and protector

It helps to cleanse negative energies from your aura and transform these energies into positive ones. Helps remove blockages of all sorts, release bad-habits and addictions.

Spiritually, amethyst protects you from the negativity of other people. 

Great to use as a personal protector for day to day circumstances, transforms and dissipates negative energy into light positive energy.

Intuition enhancer

When you need to make a decision and you feel stuck into ‘what if’ possibilities, ask your amethyst help you see the way. 

Alternatively, you can ask your spiritual guides to send you the wisdom you need.

5. Amethyst chakra

Amethyst corresponds to two chakras: 

  • Third Eye or Brow Chakra as a main stone.
  • Crown Chakra as a secondary stone 

Third Eye Chakra benefits with clarity, life vision, dreamwork and most importantly: intuition. 

The Crown Chakra benefits through spiritual awareness, connection and Divine love. 

Amethyst corresponds to the Third Eye Chakra

6. How to use amethyst

The simplest way is to wear amethyst as a necklace, ideally in direct contact with the skin.

How to use amethyst:

  • wear it as a jewellery: a necklace or a ring
  • meditate with amethyst
  • place a small crystal under your pillow or on your bed-table
  • make a crystal grid 
  • gem waters or elixirs.

7. How to cleanse amethyst

Although amethyst is a resistant stone, not all crystal cleansing methods are suitable for it. 

Safe cleansing methods: 

  • running water
  • incence
  • moonlight
  • brown rice
  • earth
  • sound
  • visualisation

Avoid placing amethyst in the sun because colour can fade.

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