Amethyst – meaning and healing

Beautiful souls,

Thank you for stopping by. We are already in the month of February, after an intense start of the year gouverned by the potent energy of the moon, eclipses season and now approaching the Mercury retrograde on the 16th February 2020. This is a period of time that brought intensive feelings, stagnant energy followed by amazing breakthroughs, impatience and impulsiveness that required for everyone a good chunk of calm and self-control – Amethyst is the ideal crystal to balance all this chaos.

One of the most well-known and most loved crystals of all times, Amethyst holds a powerful energy, extremely protective, highly spiritual and very soothing. It is not a one-size-fit-all crystal, but it can be used for multiple purposes with excellent results.

A crystal associated with the month of February, Amethyst is also the dedicated crystal for those who are born this month. But its energy goes way higher than just this month, as this is a stone with huge power and bringing a lot of healing for circumstances of all sorts.

Amethyst Keywords: Balance, Protection, Clarity, Good Sleep, Spirituality, Meditation, Intuition

Amethyst to balance the MIND

Amethyst is an excellent crystal for intellectual work, it promotes clarity, good perception and awareness and helps you to read the truth between the lines and gives you a deeper understanding of situations and events. Brilliant when it comes to making decisions, it helps clarification of situations and facilitates smoothness in decision making process.

It helps in showing different facets and perspectives over circumstances and clears the path when necessary to bring out the best results. A great crystal to use at work but also in personal practice when a situation needs clarification and a fresh perspective, it also helps in setting realistic goals. It can sometimes bring up unpleasant but necessary truth to the surface but its gentle soothing energy supports you in the process giving you strength and ability to face discomfort.

In your work or for study, amethyst is a potent crystal that helps you to focus and learn, it promotes a good memory and helps you to make rational connections to understand and process new information.

Amethyst balances the mind and it really helps you with what you need. It brings focus and concentration when you are tired and sluggish or it brings peace and cald if your mind is over-active and anxious. A stone that promotes deep relaxation when needed, it relieves stress and anxiety.

Amethyst to balance the BODY

On the physical plane amethyst can support the body in the process of healing. A stone of balance, promotes hormonal balance, cleansing, strenthens the immune system, soothes pain and inflammation, headaches, releases tension and lowers the blood pressure, a good aid in respiratory tract issues. Be careful with all these issues as crystals in general can support the healing process, but you have to seek medical care when dealing with health issues.

Healing properties of Amethyst

In healing BALANCE is the keyword for Amethyst. It helps balancing extreme emotions, releasing anger, fear and anxiety. It really brings emotional stability and restores quickly a sense of calm and inner peace.

Crystal Tip: If you need to process intense, strong negative emotions, add an amethyst together with a smoky quartz into your pocket.

Amethyst is also a great aid in processing sadness and grief, and promotes strength when needed. It brings comfort and reassurance and it also brings angels to assist you when you feel there is any pain that you cannot deal with by yourself.

An aura cleansing stone, amethyst is very effective to cleanse negative energies from your aura and transform these energies into the positive ones. It also helps removing blockages of all sorts, helping you to release bad-habits and addictions.

A stone of great inspiration, amethyst is ideal to use by artists, writers, creatives, scientists, researchers to support their creative, innovative work.

Amethyst for sleep and dreams

Amethyst is a well-known crystal that promotes a good sleep and deep relaxation at night. It provides protection during sleep and promotes a good restorative sleep. When you’re going through some more intense circumstances, it triggers healing dreams that can be unpleasant but necessary, helping your uncoscious mind to process information and emotions. This shouldn’t last more than a couple of nights.

Crystal tip: place a light coloured, clear amethyst under your pillow for a good sleep with peaceful dreams.

Amethyst to support the SPIRIT

At a spiritual level amethyst is a very powerful protector, promoting protection from the negativity of other people but also protects from geopathic stress. Great to use as a personal protector for day to day circumstances, transforms and dissipates negative energy into light positive energy.

An excellent aid in meditation, it brings a sense of calm and peace and helps you stay focused during meditation. It can take quickly into a place of stillness and connects you to your inner wisdom, helping you to hear your intuition with ease. It has the capacity to open you and connect to the higher realms making a perfect choice when you want to connect to the spirit world.

Amethyst opens your psychic awareness, is a wonderful crystal for scrying and facilitate intuitive dreams experiences. All you need is to setup a clear intention and allow yourself to travel into the world of pure knowing and loving truth.

How to use amethyst for self healing

The simplest way to benefit from the healing properties of amethyst is to wear it as a jewellery in a pendant, ideally in direct contact with the skin.

Other ways to use amethyst:

  • meditate with amethyst – either holding a small thumbledstone in your hand or gazing at a larger piece of amethyst cluster, pointer of sphere
  • dreamwork – place under your pillow – a light coloured amethyst for peaceful and healing dreams, a darker amethyst for psychic dreams
  • protection – you can create a protective grid in the room or house
  • placed on the body for healing
  • as gem waters or elixirs.

Until next time, I wish you a wonderful Full Moon week – I’ll be back soon with a post about a Full Moon ritual for this month as the energies are very special at this time.

Many blessings,