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I believe there is so much space for beauty and pure joy and life is gifted to us to enjoy it.

Life is not always easy and sometimes it can throw at us many challenges that can feel overwhelming for us to deal with them alone. I learned this the hard way as I’ve been through abuse, divorce, work burn-out and illness.

I felt at times lost and not knowing who I was. I did not ask for help in the first instance as I felt ashamed, but one day I felt guided into my heart again and I understood the Universe provides us with unlimited love and support. As I opened my eyes, the right people, teachers and healers crossed my path. I asked for help and healing and I embarked into a beautiful journey of transformation and discovery.

Many people struggle in their journey, at difficult moments. Sometimes it can be difficult to even understand what is the struggle all about. Having someone on your side to help you see the light within, to remind you of the beautiful being that you are, to feel the unconditional love and unlimited support that is available from the Universe is sometimes all you need to move forward in life.

What I do with my work is to hold a loving, supportive space for you to help you reconnect with who you are, find the peace and balance within, find healing, safety, and reassurance. To find yourself resourceful and powerful.

If you ever experienced

  • repeated thought patterns that you can’t let go of,
  • negative self-talk,
  • self-doubt,
  • unwanted behaviours that keep coming back,
  • feeling stuck in life,
  • feeling lost or not knowing who you are,
  • feeling disempowered, feeling tired or even sick after interactions with certain people and family members,
  • feeling intense anxiety and depression that cannot be managed with conventional approaches or keep coming back

These are symptoms that energy healing can offer support with helping you to shift those stagnant energies stored in the body, releasing what is no longer needed and making space for the new.

My (longer) story

As a child, I grew up deeply connected to Nature. My fascination with the song of the wind blowing through trees and leaves started from a very young age in my grandmother’s rear garden. I loved finding meanings into the shapes of the clouds, and I never felt alone when playing alone. As a sensitive child sensing and seeing energies, I felt always connected and in touch with the unseen world, knowing there is so much more that we can normally sense with our five senses. I knew I was always protected having long conversations with Spirit, without understanding much, but just knowing.

My initiation into the world of crystals started over 20 years ago at the age of 16 when I purchased my first quartz crystal pointer. It was a small but powerful crystal that guided me through difficult times of my life.

I was raised by self-absorbed parents, encountering emotional abuse and neglect, feeling always disempowered and never supported to be myself. I never felt loved. My connection with the Universe, with energy and crystals, was actually the only support I had in my life for a very long time. Since then I continued to connect to crystals, being fascinated by their energy, I learned to connect with them to first heal myself. When I say heal myself I truly mean helping myself feeling better, finding resources to move on with life and trust in a better future.

I loved everything about natural healing, psychology, folklore, healing plants, fairytales and the power of the mind.


I started to work in the corporate world in my early twenties and got married at the age of 23 following my father’s will. I bought a small flat at 25 paying for a 30 years mortgage and I thought I am doing well. The mortgage was way more than I could really afford and this left me completely stuck for a long time.

After a couple of years, my work brought me into really dark places of depression, anxiety and chronic fatigue. I was not happy. I could not find meaning in my work, as I was working very long hours in a highly stressful environment for other people’s profits. I was chronically tired and I knew I was not on my path. I could not see the light on the other side. At the age of 27, I was feeling hopeless, old and lost and I thought this is the life I need to get used to.

Crystals stayed with me all of this time and I received great love and support connecting to their energy. I also studied them a lot, blogged about them and I made hundreds of healing jewellery, some I used for myself, others found their home between friends, family and many other people who sought support through crystals. People started to wear my jewellery and feel the benefits of crystal healing for their own well-being. For some years I kept my day-job to only wait to get home and create the crystal jewellery I loved. It was a good exchange, I was giving my day-time to the company I worked for in exchange for money and my happiness at night.

One day, back in 2012 I meditated for the first time. I mean for the first time as an adult. I used to do this as a child naturally and later as a school student, however, the adults around me always thought I am just sitting there, doing nothing. This was unacceptable for them for some reason, so I was actively discouraged to continue my practice.

What I need to say about meditation is that awakened me deeply, like I was awakening from a long sleep. I started to look at my life differently, understand why I like some things and why I don’t like others. I was finally able to see, for the first time, hope.

After building a regular meditation practice my true transformation started to happen. I was able to see that my marriage didn’t work for me and what I thought it was love, it was control and emotional abuse. I was made at the time to feel so insecure that I was afraid to walk on the street by myself. I could see clearly the situation I was in and once I opened my eyes I couldn’t close them again. I felt guided to leave my marriage that lasted 13 years, being left with low energy levels, low self-esteem, confusion and frustration.

I was 36 in 2015 when I divorced and I left my home country, Romania, and moved to the UK. Moving countries was one of the best things I ever did and everything felt so easy. It was the beginning of a new journey, new challenges on the way and the start of my deepest transformation. I left absolutely everything behind: a flat, a dog, a marriage, a family, my country. That was my life until then. A life that, looking now behind, was never my choice. Perhaps this is why I found it so easy to leave.

Things didn’t get any easier, and despite finding work quickly in London, I was still very tired from all the experiences I encountered by the time. I changed jobs, I wanted more, I wanted and reached career progression. As I was stressed and overworked in my job, I burned-out with no notice.

My only healing was given by a couple of things: crystals, creativity and meditation.


In January 2017 I opened a mobile creative studio, where I taught creative workshops as a way to manage stress and find balance. Of course, this involved crystals as most of our creations were jewellery with crystals and my always favourite: the crystal tree of life. I can’t state how rewarding this was, as I enjoyed to create and teach people to connect with their creative side as a tool for healing and maintaining mental health. I knew how important this was for myself and I was really motivated to bring these activities to more people who could benefit from them.


It didn’t end up here I am afraid, sometimes we have to face things one after another until we are able to truly see what’s going on. A serious illness and a surgey later, made me realise that I need to do deeper healing work to address emotional imbalances that I wasn’t even aware of and how the body is our greatest teacher as a mirror of our internal world.

I finally asked for help not knowing what else I was left to do. I had some counselling sessions which were helpful but not great as I felt I wasn’t receiving any solution to heal the underlying trauma, the confusion, and the overwhelming emotions I was facing. I felt I’ve been left a bit emotionally suspended.

I used a lot of crystal healing to process these, but I also felt guided that having a healer on my side would help me get more clarity from my sessions and be more effective. Receiving energy healing on myself from another practitioner, indeed made a huge difference in my life. What was once unseen, untold, and unperceived started to slowly be released.

Seeing these benefits on myself, my commitment to bring all of these energy healing tools and teaching into other people’s lives, make them accessible and easy understandable grew stronger.

Along with Crystal Healing which is my lifelong heartful journey and healing modality, I added other healing modalities to my practice, as these work wonderfully together. I use a lot of Sound Healing, especially the healing drum and loving voice together with Meditation and other techniques for great effectiveness.

And here I am today walking the path of love and trust, as a wounded healer myself working on my own transformation and bringing my whole healing and life experience, listening skills and intuitive abilities to guide you to walk your own authentic path, to see the light shining from within yourself and trust your own authenticity.

I am sure everyone, with the right guidance, can see the light on the other side, this is a wonderful process, challenging at times, but with love, patience and perseverance I trust this is possible.

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Sending you loving healing Light,


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