About me

A home for freedom seekers, spiritual rebels, and passionate hearts to grow and thrive.

Spirituality – Personal development – Healing – Creativity – Flow

I was only a small child, dreaming that one day, I’ll magically transform into a fairy and make people happy with my enchanted wand. I was fascinated with fairies and their ability to make things happen in just a fraction of a second, if only they put their mind to it, spun their magic wand and whispered enchanted words.

I didn’t grow into a fairy, but I found my magic wand in writing, holding healing space and teaching to inspire people to live from the heart and find happiness themselves. 

People call me a healer or a shaman, although I respect that the ability to heal belongs to Spirit, while I remain a humble channel. I honour this in my work ethics, values and philosophy.

A little bit of my story

For years I lived the conventional life that my family expected me: I went to university, graduated with a business degree, got married, secured a corporate job, (over)worked and I soon came to believe that this was all to life.

I was waking up in tears in the morning, dreading to go to work and force myself to fit in the narrow-minded, money-driven, soul-sucking corporate life.

I somehow survived with the help of my side businesses: blogging, crafting healing jewellery and running an online craft shop.

On a bright Winter day of January 2011, I closed my eyes to still my thoughts and gather energy for the day. The warm healing sunlight poured over me, holding me in a divine hug of unconditional love.

I burst into tears.

For the first time in many years, I came to understand that this was life:

the warmth of the sun rays kissing my cheeks,
the wind blowing through my hair,
the fresh crispy air of Winter filling my lungs with oxygen,
the snow crystals shimmering in the sunlight,
the light-blue sky…

It was at that magical moment when my heart opened, my soul awakened, and my life turned completely: in 2 months I left my job, in 3 years I left my marriage, and moved to the UK.

In January 2017, burned-out from my finance manager job, I set up The Blissful Art, honouring my heart’s guidance to inspire people to trust their own. It was only the beginning of a new journey of discovery, transformation, passion, success, failure, and rebirth.

Other things about me: I am 41, multi-passionate, free-spirited, writer, artist, magical thinker, Scorpio, creative, introvert (INFP), nature lover, neurodivergent (ADHD – which I treasure as my gift of creativity and freedom)

Qualifications & Training

Shamanic Healing, Sound Healing, Life & Wellness Coaching, Colour Therapy, Mindfulness & Meditation Teacher, Herbalism, Solution Counselling, Inner Child Healing, Hypnotherapy.
I also qualified as Crystal Healer and Reiki Master Teacher but I no longer practice these modalities.
Bachelor’s Business, Economics and Finance, Master’s: Risk Management