Hello, I am Amelia

I am a free spirit, spiritual healer, freedom coach and self-taught artist. I live in London with my partner and I am lucky enough to have a beautiful and intimate park next to my home, so I can feed my soul with sacred nature when I need it.

My soul calling is to guide and inspire people to live a life that is free, creative and authentic.

I believe that Humans, Nature, Creativity, Energy, The Earth and the Moon are interconnected and that the true healing starts in remembering our wild nature and pure heart. A heart that sings, dances, loves fiercely, walks in the woods, lives intuitively, and trusts her own wisdom.

I devote my work to people who seek to reconnect to their true nature, and wish to live a life blessed with meaningful work, loving relationships, and an authentic spiritual connection.

I practice a combination of healing approaches such as Inner Child and Shadow work, Parental Healing with the help of Crystals, Reiki, Shamanic Healing, Sacred Sound and ceremonies.

I run a crystal healing school in London and online where I teach curious minds and aspiring healers to work with crystal energy and the power of intention. I blog about crystals, healing, spirituality and creativity. I make healing jewellery, I draw, paint, sing, and play my shamanic drum.

My professional qualifications

Crystal Healer and Teacher, Reiki Master/Teacher, Core Shamanic Training – Shamanic Journey to Power and Healing, Sound Healing, Life Coaching, Inner Child Healing, Shadow Work
Studies in progress: Core Shamanic Healing advanced training, Bach Remedies, Herbalism, EFT.

Fun facts about me

🌳Goddess Archetype: Artemis and Persephone, INFP personality
🌸Age 40, childfree, wild heart
🌸I love being self-employed and after having a number of jobs I realised I am not the type of employee person. I need my work to represent me and allow me to express myself freely.
🌸I am fascinated with the human mind, the unconscious mind and the power of ritual and spirituality to heal and transform.
🌳 I love the beach and the mountains equally
🌸Dog lover. And foxes.

My story

I have written and rewritten my story for the past few months and I am still not sure if I should start with my childhood or with the latest 10 years. I believe you can’t understand me completely if you don’t know a bit about my beginnings, so perhaps I’ll start with my childhood and if you wish to skip to most recent bits, please do so.

Early memories

As a child I grew up deeply connected to Nature. My fascination for the sounds of trees and the song of wind started from a very young age in my grandmother’s rear garden. I loved finding meanings in the shapes of clouds, and I never felt alone when playing alone. As a sensitive child feeling and seeing energies, I knew I was always protected. I had long conversations with Spirit, without questioning much, but just knowing.

Home is…

I don’t remember my parents much and I think I never knew where was home to me. I spent my childhood between three homes: my two grandmothers’ homes and my parents’ home ( the rarest). The only memories of my parents are with them leaving. I vividly remember myself desperately crying on a dark Sunday afternoon, looking through the wooden fence and seeing them departing. Why did they not take me to their home?

…where your grandparents are

My favourite time of the year was the Summer holiday spent with my maternal grandparents and my cousin Steph.
My grandma’ was an almost magickal creature to me. She expressed love in everything she touched: from cooking to sewing, knitting and crocheting, to taking care of us, her home and the grandpa’. She was beautiful, delicate, kind and I think she never lost some of her childish spirit.

Grandpa’ was a good man. He lived with dignity and grace. He was taking us every morning to sunbath by the river, and every evening to play in the park, where he was buying us ice-cream and candies. He was gentle but firm, nurturing but encouraging.

Growing up

I moved into my parents flat at 10 years old and lived with them for the next 10 years. I remember myself being so lost. I missed my grandparents and the houses I grew up in. I missed the garden, the trees, the plants and the connection to nature. I found myself in my small room, in a sad block of flats, not having anything familiar around.

Nor even my parents were familiar to me. I was deeply depressed, I remember myself crying with no reason and experiencing various stages of disconnection. I would call them ”non-existence”. This is how I felt, like I didn’t exist.

Growing plants, crafting, crystals and depression

I spent a lot of time by myself in my room. To lighten up my existence I grew up my own plants from seeds. The first plant I birthed was a bean sprout that started as an experiment in my biology class. Then I grew up lemons and date trees. The date trees grew big and I had them for years. I was fascinated. They were like my friends.

Sewing, crocheting and reading were my favourite activities. I used to crochet my own scarves and jumpers as a teenager and nothing felt more rewarding than wearing something that carried so much of my own personal energy.

At 16 I stepped into the world of crystals, when I purchased my first quartz crystal pointer. It was a small but powerful crystal that guided me throughout my life. For the following years I put great energy into studying and connecting with crystals.

Studies, work, marriage, hopelessness

Despite my passion for all things beautiful, for psychology, mythology, folk culture, language and literature, I have chosen to go the ”safe way”. I did not follow my heart to study for a degree in what I loved which was literature and mythology and folklore. I stayed on the safe side and went for a degree business and finance. I regretted it immediately but I persisted.

I got married at 24. I was quite naive at the time and I thought my husband’s obsession for control and following me everywhere was a sign of love.

For 10 years I hated my corporate jobs and I just started to get used to my marriage. I developed anxiety, depression and an eating disorder.

I was dreaming to be free, to be creative, to live differently. My beloved crystals and my creative endeavours were my salvation.

A Divine Sign

The long working hours were sucking the life out of me. I remember one winter day, I went for a short walk at lunchtime, my only break in weeks of not seeing the daylight. It snowed overnight. Everything around was a pure bright white. The Sun shone majestically on a cool blue sky. I closed my eyes for a moment and I felt the sun rays kissing my cheeks. I bursted into tears. It was like a divine sign.

For a long time, I was afraid of change. I thought I don’t have anything special to offer to the world. I believed that I was not good at anything, and that I cannot make a living from the work I love. I believed that life has to be difficult, that it was too late for a change, that I was too old.

The only driving force that kept me going was my work with crystals, my old crystal blog and my jewellery art. I was living the days for my creative crystal nights. 

Divorce and awakening

What truly happened through that divine kiss it was my sudden awakening. I soon realised that I do not want to live the rest of my days in misery. I was only 32 years old after all. Something changed within me forever. 

Two months later I resigned from my job. Three years later I divorced. My depression and intense anxiety disappeared and my self-esteem started to grow. 

Don’t get me wrong, it was not easy. It was freaking hard. It was the beginning of a rollercoaster journey of discovery, adventure, more fears and, of course, failure. Yes, sacred failure! 

Things eventually got better and my life seemed on the right path. I started a creative wellness business helping people to find joy and balance. I found true love. I loved my new life.

Illness and family trauma

When I finally thought I figured it out, I got severely sick, my depression returned and I almost couldn’t function over the day due to intense anxiety. And I started binge eating again.

I found out that I had a lot more to heal. Something that was never voiced. Something that was hidden, silent, unknown even to myself, burdened deeply into my flesh, bones and soul.

My family trauma.

The good: I discovered resources within myself I never knew existed. The bad: I was never comfortable and always faced with the biggest fears. The ugly: the truth.

Believe me, when I found out that my perfect parents are actually skilled manipulators,  and people who were supposed to love me are actually wishing me the worst, I was in shock. 

Healing and transformation

It took me about a year to accept, heal and finally make it to the other side. I helped myself with crystals and I was singing and drumming my pain. I was journalling a lot and I was consulting my oracle cards.
It was a deep healing work. I had to face my darkest shadows and embrace the little child within. This was the biggest healing journey of my life. But the transformation was deep. 

I moved from anxiety to self-confidence. From depression to the joy of life. And my eating disorder left on its own.

The biggest take of this journey was that we have the power to heal ourselves. We just have to listen to our bodies and notice what is telling us. There is no secret that unresolved emotional issues, trauma, and chronic stress can make us sick if we do nothing about it. But it’s also a journey to learn to be aware, to notice when something is not quite right, to stay still and listen to our heart as she’s the one who always knows.


I do not pretend to know all the answers. I am yet to learn as I evolve. I do not speak from books and other’s teachings, but I follow the guidance of my heart. But I love books that are inspiring and help me think by my own. I learn to trust and follow my heart all the time. I know there is no need to seek answers outside. However, I still need to be reminded sometimes, learning to trust is a process.

I believe we are never healed completely. It is a lifelong journey, It’s all about awareness, observation, perception, self-inquiry, intention, transformation. When a growing circle is complete, it starts a new one.

Many blessings,