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7 Crystals for manifestation: New Moon in Scorpio

plus Special Goddess Guidance

November 2020 Super New Moon brings potent, transformational energy. This happens on Sunday 15th at 5:07 am London time ( L.A – 9:07 pm, Sydney 15.11 – 4:07 pm).

November 2020 Super New Moon in Scorpio – what you need to know?

The energy of this New Moon brings to the surface deep emotions that need healing, transformation and grounding so we can rise above our fears and insecurities and move into a new stage of life. Scorpio is by definition a Water sign and also a sign of death and darkness and this New Moon brings light onto our inner darkness so we can heal, nurture and grow.

This special New Moon is also asking us to stay true to ourselves and our path and make the right choices that will point us in the right direction. If we felt lost the past few months, this is a great time to come out of darkness and move into the light with trust and new gathered energy.

A time to revive motivation and focus, the energy of this New Moon facilitates new beginnings related to money, business ventures, travel projects and education. It is important to remember to stay true to our own values and not compromise or take shortages at this time.

I gathered for you the most potent 7 crystals at this time to help you with your New Moon manifestation:

Crystals for November New Moon 2020

1 – Hematite – a crystal to strengthen the Root Chakra, it helps you work through your fears, identify them and then let them go. A wonderful crystal for any shadow work you do at this time, hematite with its shiny surface acts as a mirror to you and helps you see yourself clearly, with no judgement.

2- Smoky Quartz – the to-go crystal for emotional release and cleanse, smoky-quartz will greatly complement the hematite energy and help you release unwanted emotions that need grounding

3 – Ruby – for raising motivation and bringing strength as well as focusing your energy into new projects you are ready to start.

4 – Carnelian – for a extra fire energy, joy, determination and a plus of creativity and orriginal ideas to bring into your new projects

5- Citrine – is a crystal of ultimate manifestation and powerful creative energy that draws the energy of the Sun. At this time of New Moon any new project that has to do with abundance, money, finances, expansion is highly supported through citrine. Extra tip: use citrine to hold your New Moon intentions this November New Moon. If you have a citrine pointer – direct it towards the sky.

6 – Pyrite – to add power to your citrine crystal in any project related to money, abundance, business. Pyrite mirrors the energy of gold and it’s a wonderful crystal to enhance the power of your intentions especially for important projects, big changes and new beginnings.

7 – Turquoise – a crystal to help you delve into your emotions, turquoise mirrors the water energy of this New Moon. It helps you find clarity in your intentions and speak them clearly or even express your intentions in a physical form. Especially use turquoise for any project related to travelling or if you have a trip planned soon. Extra tip: make a drawing, paint, craft, write, or sing.

Special Goddess Guidance for the Super New Moon November 2020


Goddess Ix Chel reminds you to connect with your crerativity. She is the Mayan Moon&Snake goddess of fertility, magick, healing, water, sexuality and childbirth. Ix Chel comes into your life right now to encourage you to express your creativity, either if this is about a new project or a human baby.

Creativity is the essence of life and is your birthright and purpose to express it. Simply embrace it, and become creativity yourself. Choose a carnelian together with turquoise crystal to help you if you feel blocked, listen to music, and simply be with your creative self. This is the biggest gift that you can offer to yourself and the world at this time.

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Until next time,

Many blessings.


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