5 tested remedies that help me survive my (heavy and painful) periods

Heavy bleeding? (Too) long and painful periods? Irregular cycles? You are not alone. There’s no longer a secret that for most of my menstruating life I faced heavy bleeding and painful periods. Due to a long history of PCOS, hormonal imbalances and most recently going through perimenopause symptoms, heavy bleeding and sometimes painful periods were my worst nightmare. Here is what I tried, tested and worked wonders to ease my period bleeding and pain.

Number 5 – Ginger Tea

Ginger tea is well knows for its anti-inflamatory properties but what you didn’t know about is that it eases the symptoms of PCOS. SO you suffer from PCOS like I do, consider drinking ginger tea once in a while.

Some of ginger’s benefits on women’s health are:

  • reduces symptoms of PMS like cramps, mood swings and headaches
  • balances hormones – increasing the levels of LH and estrogens along with decreasing FSH and progesterone
  • promotes a healthy ovulation

How I consume ginger tea – either I use tea-bags or I make a ginger infusion with fresh ginger root. I do not have a routine but I strive to consume a couple of cups per week.

Number 4 – Aromatic Water with Geranium and Lavender

This is by far my favourite remedy and I use it during my bleeding days. It helps me with:

  • reduces headaches
  • reduces menstrual pain
  • lifts the mood

How I make and use aromatic water:

In a dark glass spray bottle with 100 ml water I add 5 drops of geranium essential oil and 3 drops of lavender oil. I shake the bottle and that’s it! My aromatic calming mix is ready!

How I use it – I simply spray this water around my aura, my head and sometimes I spray it directly on my belly. If I don’t feel like spraying on my body, or I feel more sensitive to essential oils, I only spray this mix into the room I stay, the aromatic compounds will still have a good effect on me. I can feel the calming effect almost immediately.

Number 3 – Peppermint tea

This very common, easy to use herbal tea made wonders for my hormones. I was amazed to find that such a common herb that everyone knows has an important impact on a woman’s hormones, especially for those who suffer from PCOS.

The main effect of peppermint tea is that reduces the level of testosterone in the body. It is also a natural anti-inflammatory and reduces pain. Along with that, peppermint increases female hormones that promote ovulation such as LH, FSH and oestradiol ( estrogen).

Between the benefits of peppermint tea, we can also observe the decrease in ovarian cysts and increase in viable eggs which is great news for those who want to improve fertility.

I have been drinking peppermint tea regularly in the past couple of months as I noticed a strong sharp pain in my ovary – which was for sure due to an ovarian cyst ( there’s no other reason for ovary pain when is so clearly defined). I must say that in just 3 months since I drink peppermint tea almost every day, my pain and discomfort is already gone.

How to drink peppermint tea – normal herbal infusion – 1 teabag for 1 cup of water – I like to infuse the bag two or 3 times as I noticed the flavour is still strong. I have around 2 cups of peppermint tea every day – which is actually the tested quantity in some studies on peppermint and PCOS.

Number 2 – Holy Basil also called Tulsi

Holy basil is an adaptogen herb, a key remedy in Ayurvedic medicine. It helps the menstrual cycle indirectly, through a holistic approach of prevention rather than treatment. Holy basil doesn’t impact specific female hormones but it impacts a lot stress hormones, metabolism and immunity.

Holi basil is a very potent herb for women who suffer from PCOS, as it balances lots of functions that contribute to the normal functioning of the endocrine system. Here are some benefits of using holy basil (tulsi):

  • it sypports thyroid function
  • reduces stress, anxiety, cosrtisol levels, regulates mood and prevents depression
  • regulates blood pressure and blood sugar levels
  • lowers inflammation
  • supports metabolic function
  • supports immunity and prevents infections

How I use holy basil – I normally drink it as a herbal infusion, a couple of cups per week without a strict schedule. However, combined with peppermint tea in the last 3 months I observed the benefits on my specific ovary pain which makes me quite positive about the effects.

Number 1 – Lady’s Mantle

Lady’s Mantle is my number one all-time favourites and I have been taking it for MANY years for heavy bleeding and shortening my bleeding days.

I cannot praise the lady’s mantle enough, I can see the benefits in a couple of hours which is amazing. It also helps me reduce the period’s pain and discomfort.

Some of the benefits of Lady’s Mantle for a woman’s health are below:

  • regulates menstruation
  • relieves period pain
  • reduces bleeding and duration of bleeding
  • restore normal menstruation and supports normal function of the ovaries
  • reduces breast tension
  • is a tonic for the uterus and ovaries
  • antiinflamatory and astringent
  • prevents insomnia
  • prevents and supports healing of vaginal infections
  • is a great aid in perimenopauseas it reduces hot flashes, anxiety, and irritability

How I take Lady’s Mantle

I take Lady’s Mantle in the form of tincture – 15-25 drops dissolved in half a cup of water, 3 times/day – during menstruation only. It really works wonders for me and this is why I gave it a very well deserved number 1 badge

I really hope my experience helps you decide if you want to try some natural remedies for you PCOS symptoms, heavy bleeding or period pain.

Herbal remedies – cautions

Kindly be aware that if you suspect you are pregnant, or you are breastfeeding, the use of herbal remedies is not safe. Also if you are scheduled to have any sort of surgery, you should stop the use of herbal remedies 2 weeks prior to your surgery. Herbal remedies may also interact with medication.

Have you tried any remedies for your PCOS symptoms? What did it work? What didn’t? Let me know in the comments.

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