3 healing ways to ground heavy energies

I am sitting at my newly decorated desk, covered with a soft berry and golden cloth while drinking my English breakfast tea. The tree next to my window catches my attention while moving hypnotically, in a continuous dance with the wind spirit blowing through its leaves. A shy sun-ray appears between the grey clouds, dissolving my hopes to see the rain today washing out the heaviness of the heart and reviving the yellow grass paving the sidewalks on my street. 

I am sure this week you felt the heavy energies of what happens right now in the world affecting your psyche, just as I was. I wanted to keep myself protected and not expose myself much to the news and social media, but there are moments when we need to look at things and recognise them and allow our feelings to express and just be, without trying to hide from the world. 

3 things I did to ground those heavy energies 

1. Drumming and chanting

I spent a lot of time with my shamanic drum, simply playing it as I felt guided, allowing the heaviness, the sadness, and all that I felt inside and couldn’t name it, to simply go into the drum and vibrations. It felt very healing and relieving like I was shedding a layer of dark smoke into the Earth. My voice followed the drumbeat, and chanted whatever came intuitively. I didn’t try to make a sense of it, but just let it be. 

I recorded the drumbeat for you, click here to listen

2. Making healing art

You perhaps already know how much I believe in the power of art to heal and channel the negative energies and feelings and relieve the heart from any heaviness and discomfort. As Elizabeth Gilbert says beautifully in Big Magic, the time you spend creating is sacred. So I took my sharpies and started to paint my all-time favourite symbol, The Tree of Life. That kept me awake up to 3:30 am, in a state of flow and bliss I cannot express in words. It felt good after all. 

Remember: healing art is an art that you do for yourself, to express yourself, soothe the heart and transform. Healing art is not supposed to please others, to be beautiful, nor requires you to know what you are doing or have drawing skills. 

3. Going out in Nature

And simply allowing the beauty of Nature to take care of me and heal my soul, recharging me with so much needed energy.

I am sure you know what I mean, I cannot recommend enough to simply go outside and look at a tree, a flower, watching a pigeon flying, a squirrel climbing a tree, or observing the various shades of green in the trees or newly grown little fruits.
Did you know that the wild cherries are almost ripened?

Until next time, I wish you a blessed Full Strawberry Moon tonight and a lovely weekend. 

Many blessings,