2 (Two) of Wands – Tarot card meaning

Tarot is a great personal development tool, a friend and a counsellor that helps address an issue or answer a question looking at different aspects and possibilities.

What tarot can bring as a unique tool by its own, is various perspectives that can show to help me process things and make the necessary changes in order to achieve my goals. It brings light into things and a fresh perspective.

Two of Wands

Element – Fire

Astrology – Mars in Aries

Keywords – Wisdom, Energy, Creativity, Passion, Expansion

A time for action

When Two of Wand shows into a reading, the main message is to take action. It’s about looking into the future, and with the resources, knowledge, wisdom and influence you gained through the hard work, you are now into a place of confidence, ready to take the next step. It’s about thinking big and acting upon your dreams, to reach abundance.

This is a time of great possibilities to work on a fertile land, to use your passion, energy and intuition to get what you want. It is that illuminating moment when you can use your original thinking combined with persistence, power and strength to create something majestic to be proud of. At this point nothing can stop you.

It’s also a time to look at how to advance in your career, business or personal life, to find new ways of thinking and doing things that will push you forward. A time to simply act, follow your instincts and your impulses without overthinking. If you feel a certain action, choice, a new pathway is right for you, simply go for it. Get that job you always wanted, start that business, make that art, date that charming person, say yes to life.

Reclaim your power

If you felt weak, blocked, confused or overwhelmed, the two of wands brings you the message that now is time to reclaim your power, restore your energy, use your passion and inspiration to fulfill your ambitions, and become independent. It’s about asserting yourself and following what is right for you.

To reclaim your power and energy levels, look at what makes you feel powerful and do more of that. Perhaps is about your daily exercises, about listening to a certain type of music, or watching films, doing something you always wanted, colouring your hair or having your best hair cut ever.

The challenges

The challenges that two of wands can show you in your path, are to learn how to temper your fire when necessary and to keep yourself grounded. It’s important to resist impatience and learn to be persistent and work for what you want.

Also, as you encouter success, strength and personal drive, it’s very important to use your power in a positive way and be careful to feed the right actions and not allow yourself to fall in to dark choices. Keep yourself strong, fair, a true leader recognised by others. Another aspect to be careful about is not becoming a victim or allowing others to use your power and passion into obscure interests.

Look at what is holding you back

On the shadow side, The Two of Wands shows you what is holding you back to actually get what you want and deserve.

There are two aspects of the shadow when looking at this card.

One aspect is being overactive, domineering, aggressive, arrogant, egotistic, destructive. These are all signs of an overactive root chakra that can be damaging for yourself and others. To balance these aspects you need to work on your grounding whilst not feeding the aggression and desire for control. To do that you need strenghten your connection with the Earth by meditation on the floor, bringing awareness into your body and stilling your mind. Channel your aggressive energy into something positive like exercising, walking, making art.

The other side of the shadow is an underactive root chakra that means avoiding responsibility, being a coward, lack of confidence, depression, feeling powerless.

Again to strengthen your root chakra you need to look at activities that help you regain your power and energy.

Exercising, walking, running, weight-lifting, eating red meat and red fruits, wearing red, cultivating discipline, all of these can help you regain your power and move into a new place of full energy, responsibility and action so you can get what you want and deserve.

Two of Wands and relationships

In terms of relationships, the two of wands tells you about an existing or potential relationship that is being fruitful. It’s about empowering love or empowering work partnerships that will help you get what you want. It’s about working towards similar goals while keeping the independence and personal space intact.

On the shadow side, it can represent a person that is not trustworthy or weak and that is holding you back.

Crystals to support you in your work with Two of Wands card

Crystals to balance the overactive root chakra are black obsidian, picture jasper, tigers eye, bloodstone, labradorite.

Crystals to strengthen a weak root chakra: red jasper, red carnelian, fire agate, red coral, garnet, ruby.