You’re dreaming of a new way of being.
One that is harmonious and nourishing, kind and resourceful, bountiful with beauty, harmony and treasures.
FREE from fear and GUIDED by love.

It’s already happening…
It takes trusting the heart and unlearning of the conventional to open to this new way of life and bring the most treasured dreams into reality.
You are a child of the Universe, with a burning desire to make the world a better place.

Whether is through energy work, making art, writing, making music, you carry the gifts of healing within you.

I am Amelia, a crystal healing and shamanic practitioner and teacher based in London, UK. I am also a writer and an artist, in a quest to inspire people to live with joy, follow their heart and heal others.

I teach crystal healing and moon alignment courses, write on the blog, hold healing space in ceremonies and offer spiritual business mentoring for those who are on a spiritual path and want to share their gifts with others.

My work comes from a place of love and respect for people and the planet. I believe that everyone has all resources, wisdom, and abilities within, and my role is to help people to access them.

Whether you feel drawn to this work or want to know more, read the blog, join a course, or book a mentoring session and let the journey unfold!

Here’s what I prepared for you in 2021

Crystal Healing, Spiritual Courses & Workshops
Online and in London

At the moment all courses are taking place online with some potential London dates in Summer 2021.
The courses in Central London will be restarted when it will be safe to return to the class.

Spring-Summer 2021 calendar

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12 March 2021
13 March 2021
27 March 2021
12 April 2021
Immediate start
October 2021

Do you want to keep in touch?

I aim for The Blissful Art to remain a safe, intimate group so I can offer the attention you deserve and create an environment that feels right for you. I respect your time and energy, as well as mine, and for this reason, I am social media free and all communication will take place via email, so you can have full control when you want to read a message from me.
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