Hi, I am Amelia. Nature guided healer, alchemist, writer, teacher, visionary artist, and your host at The Blissful Art. I write and teach about nature-based spirituality, healing, mental health, the blessings and gifts of ADHD, the Moon, goddess energy, archetypes and more.

I offer Nature healing, guidance, and intuitive readings for people who are looking to reconnect with self, the higher power, and inner wisdom, to live a life of freedom, joy, and meaning. I also help healers, creatives, change-makers, therapists, and holistic practitioners with business alchemy and guidance sessions.

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Latest articles on the blog

  • Why I no longer practice and teach crystal healing
    I’ve outgrown crystal healing. Sometimes things are coming into our lives to teach us something, trigger an awakening, guide us on our path. But this doesn’t mean they should stay with us forever. I wrote a lot about crystals in the past year. I taught about crystals constantly in the past 4 years or so. […]
  • 3 reasons to start your own business – for the inner rebels who’re not “fitting in”
    Imagine how would it be to only work on projects you are passionate about? With people who “get” you? For people who truly value what you have to offer? And pay you good money for that? I believe nothing can equal the choice and the power we have to be our own bosses. And it’s […]
  • Blog ramble – Depression, creativity, loss of purpose, and ADHD
    I deleted this whole website 1 week ago. I wasn’t sure where I am heading, to be honest so needed to take a break, delete everything, resolve security issues and start fresh… Why? Because I felt my heart was no longer aligned with what I was doing. Every time I opened this blog I made […]
  • Why you shouldn’t try to fix your workplace anxiety
    Imagine you’re lost in the jungle and a massive tiger is chasing you. What would you do to survive? Would you take a deep breath, listen to calming music, meditate, count up to 10, sing a mantra? What would then happen? So instead of breathing deeply, I bet you’d naturally run! If a tiger is […]
  • Don’t Want To Go Back To ‘Normal’. Post-lockdown anxiety or a new way of being?
    I sit in the circle on the wooden floor, gathering around the white burning candle with another four humans. Holding hands. Our hearts are open. Our minds are peaceful. The quietness fills in the space, while the frankincense scented air is still holding the mystery of what has just happened. The time has stopped. No […]
  • Full Moon Healing – The Heart Chakra
    Feeling tired, depleted, low mood, sad at the time of Full Moon? Or your emotions become overwhelming, you’re feeling on edge and don’t want to see anyone? Have you noticed that you tend to focus more on others while you forget about yourself and your own needs? This means that your Heart Chakra needs some […]