Welcome to my blissful home

Hello and welcome. I am Amelia and I welcome you here, to find a breathing space for happiness, joy, and healing. If you are looking to reconnect with yourself, find peace within and live a meaningful, fulfilling life, I hold the space for you to experience awareness and healing. 

I am a Shamanic Practitioner and Crystal Healer and Teacher. I love to share with you meaningful experiences that will take you to a place of connection to your own heart, being aware of your inner wisdom and allowing your energy to flow freely.

Joining my workshops, courses or one-on-one healing sessions you’ll find your inner sanctuary of peace, balance and fresh energy flow. I am based in London and I practice remote sessions at the moment via zoom.

I am compassionate, nurturing, and positive and I hold a safe space for you to facilitate powerful inner transformation.

Email me at amelia@theblissfulart.com, to find out how we can work together and book your free consultation.

My Services

Courses and Group Healing