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Well-being services to support the mind, body and soul. Crystal Healing and Spiritual Courses.


Welcome to The Blissful Art

Taking care of the mind, body and soul. Helping people to rediscover the joy of living, seeing the light within and feeling the universal love, finding peace, healing and reassurance.

My name is Amelia Bliss. I am an energy healer and complementary therapist, and I practice and teach Crystal Healing, Reiki, Sound Healing and a number of other healing modalities.
Welcome to my virtual home, a space for awareness, well-being and healing.

I am a loving, caring and compassionate person, and I work with people that find themselves in moments of transformation, challenges, wanting to move forward with life from a place of love and trust.
I believe there is so much space for beauty and pure joy and life is gifted to us to enjoy it. Many people do struggle in their journey, due to challenges and difficult moments. I learned all of these the hard way as I had my own challenges and went through my own transformation. I am still in the process.

Having someone on your side to help you see the light within, to remind you of the beautiful being that you are, to feel the unconditional love and unlimited support that is available from the Universe is sometimes all you need to move forward in life.
What I do with my work is to hold a loving, supportive space for you to help you reconnect with who you are, find the peace and balance within, find healing, safety, and reassurance.

I love to support you through a number of healing modalities such as crystal healing, Reiki, sound healing, intuitive creativity, ceremonies, and intuitive guidance. I bring a unique combination of healing, coaching skills, intuitive abilities and my own learnings from life experiences to support, encourage and guide you in your journey.
My qualifications: Crystal Healing, Reiki Master Teacher, Sound Healing, Indian Head Massage, Chair Massage, Angelic Healing, Life Coaching, Mindfulness, and Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction, Colour Therapy.

My longer story , here

I am a full member of The Reiki Association and my healing school is a registered college with The Complementary Medical Association.


Group Workshops

Sound healing, group Reiki sessions, cacao ceremonies and well-being days

1:1 Healing Sessions

Reiki, Crystal Healing Sound Healing Sessions, Private Ceremonies and Blessings.
I work with people finding themselves at crossroads such as career transitions or moving forward, relationship changes, moving into motherhood and people seeking to improve their general well-being.

Crystal Healing and Reiki Courses

Crystal Healing Introductory and practitioner courses, Reiki courses and other spiritual workshops. Click for more details

February and March 2020 crystal healing courses, events and workshops

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