Welcome to The Blissful Art!

The place to start your journey as a healer

for gifted souls like you
It’s time to LIVE your LIFE PURPOSE
and become the HEALER you always wanted to be
so you can do the work you love, help people
& be paid for the what you are meant to do here on Earth

Hello and welcome. My name is Amelia Bliss and I help gifted, creative, empathic souls like you stop feeling drained by working for others and create heart-led businesses you LOVE so you can shine your light into the world as a healer, creative and change-maker.

I am your teacher, guide and host here at The Blissful Art, the safe and loving space for you to walk in if you want to start living your life purpose, help others and earn money from work you truly value and that it represents you.

My mission is to empower you to support yourself and others through holistic healing qualification courses, spiritual business strategy, mentoring, and coaching.

I teach accredited and certified holistic healing courses in London and Online and I strive to offer an experiential, intuitive, easy to understand learning experience for everyone who feels called to walk on this beautiful path.

For those of you who want to setup your heartfelt wellbeing / holistic business, I offer spiritual business strategy and coaching/mentoring sessions where I bring a unique blend of energy work, intuition, my own experience, business readings, and energy work.

Let’s create some magic together!

See how…

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